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    Ok, long post time.

    First here's the fixed text from the computercube:
    Minor changes mostly, and I beleive I didn't mess with the syntax, so it should re-compile fine.

    Second, I did some minor fiddling with the textures of your blocks to make them a bit "softer" in the eye. Given the changes are very minor I don't see a reason to bother making this a separate texture pack. If you like them and would like to use, they are provided 100% free to use.

    Third, I'd like to suggest a "palette" add-on to the reactor simulator. Cycling through each component when placing them is a bit of pain, so what about adding something like this to the planner?
    (very bad photoshop mockup)

    Also have you considered adding some gregtech super heat exchangers, platings and vents? Given how much heat plutonium produces it is quite tricky to make a stable reactor with it.

    As promised, the name "correction" list with the spaces in the proper places of compound nouns:

    Greg, could you pastebin the text of the help files in your computercube so I can also do a correction pass on it?

    Also I do some texture/sprite art in my free time, would you mind if I gave your textures some work to make them smoother?

    And a suggestion that would need some codework, what about making the fusion coil textures change according to their surroundings like the super conductor wire? Here's a mockup:

    Hey there greg, I find your mod very interesting, a very cool refurbish. However one minor thing bothers me with your mod is the lack of space between names of many objects. I assume this is because you are german, and in german language compound substantives don't have punctuation separating them. I have some free time which I could put to use sorting out the item names for your stuff, would you mind if I did a list of ortography fixes?

    two bugs on version c, one weirdness and two suggestions.

    bug 1: reusable passenger rockets charge up instantly when put in a MFSU and drain no power from it.

    bug 2: upon igniting reactors loose the hook to the energy grid. You have to break the wire leading to it and place it again.

    weirdness: sometimes the missles and incendiary missles won't arrive at the set target. No idea why. Haven't had failures with nukes though.

    Suggestion one: Increase the storage space of the autominer, it gets full fast, even in vanilla.

    Suggestion two: add a tool that allows us to manually type in the target coordinates (in absolute coordinates, not relative) to the rockets.

    Suggestion three: I had a third suggestion but I forgot it...

    Also are you looking for a x32 spriter? I'd gladly do a faithful x32 spritesheet for this mod :)

    The addon isn't SMP compatible yet.

    Bugs I found so far in 0.81b:
    1: all cables get transformed into superconducting cable somehow (they drop superconductors when broken too)
    2: can't place autominers, they turn into extractors
    3: No parachute in passenger rockets, but I didn't die during my trip
    4: I managed to get an autominer via spawners, but it doesn't seem to want to work even if I supply it with stuff.
    5: Last but not least, all blocks have 0 hardness it seems. They insta-break with a left click punch.

    Apart from that, apparently everything else runs perfetcly.

    a suggestion, what about eventually making the fusion reactor need an actual ring assembly of chambers to run?

    it'd be this shape:


    where R is the reactor, Os would be reactor chambers (or a new block for it, maybe "tokamak segment?") and X would be empty space. It makes sense given fission reactors also are multiblock... You should check railcraft on how they did multi-block entities with their coke oven.

    I am also getting borked recipies. They try to use a "unnamed" block instead of adv machine blocks. It also breaks all other IC2 addons which use machine blocks.

    EDIT: doesn't seem to be a mod-ID resolver conflict. I just did a virgin MC with only IC's dependencies and it still fails epicly. Glass fibre shows up as superconductor wire too.

    EDIT 2: moar testing. Can't get the recipies to work, but the machinery seems to work fine. reusable rockets never turn into charge, and passanger ones spawn TNT missles upon click.

    FUCKING UPDATE ! Your such a whore! Just update this shit :Nuke TNT:

    Is that how you tread the author of the mod? This is just ridiculous, I don't even sense the slightest drop of sarcasm or anything that could save your post from being just a joke. Just stop being a retard and don't post offensive crap like this. Also congratulations because you bothered me enough so I made an account. just to state this.

    Anyway kentington, I loved this mod and I'm waiting eagerly for a 1.64 compatible verison, even if no SMP. IMO a source release would be welcome as lots of people really like this mod, and if you feel you can't continue working on it, maybe someone will grab the baton. :)