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    I really hate people randomly suggesting that, there IS a reason that Java 7 is still in developer preview phase and not officially released to end users by Sun. Updating to 1.7 can't and won't fix your random MC mod problems and can cause even more problems.

    Word of warning: because of my immature reaction below this line, it may be possible the part below that isn't read objectively and constructively anymore!

    Me: Yes, because I try to be helpful, it's random spam... Ow wait... Maybe I had a reason?
    You: Nah, im better then everyone else is! (I hate them, see above) Ow wait...

    It would be more constructive if you had written something like: "Dear Triblade, thanks for the suggestion but I would advise against it because Java (JRE) 1.7 is still in developer preview phase and not officially released to end users by Sun. So please do not use Java 1.7 until it has been officially released and supported by Mojang/Minecraft and this mod. Using your solution could potentially create more problems then it potentially can solve."

    And my reaction to the hypothetical sentence above:
    The JRE 1.7 install did help a few people in the past and I had this solution from another post on the forums. So it may not be for everyone, but if it helps people without reported consequences, why not?

    The reason why area shields will always cut blocks has to do with CPU load. Otherwise, any block that is uncut has to be checked every tick (20 times a second) to see if someone smashed the block that is there.

    Ok, great explanation. (the whole story)

    The block-cutting, can't it be saved into files? I don't know if that's doable (with HD-access times and file size) or not. I can, however, absolutely see the CPU usage problem.

    B. What major known bugs do I need to hunt down? Obviously there's the buffer overflow...what other ones are there?

    The one I wrote above I think is pretty major. In SMP, when the server is restarted with shields already placed (on or off doesn't matter), the shields are off and can't be switched on. (even when it has 100% power)

    I personally don't like default block-cutting. This isn't what shields are about.

    Great! This ís usefull!

    Sounds good.

    Sounds logical, probably easier to manage for 'us' as well.

    Nice idea, especially for non-creative players. But the 'bugs' have to come first in my humble opinion.

    The ID badge, yeah!! But I don't quite follow the 'defence grid cannon upgrade'. Is this a new upgrade? (or have I missed something?) I think badges are supposed to let people walk through force fields without stopping them, but cannons in a shield mod??

    And again, thanks for the mod!

    I love this mod, but right now it refuses to work on any SMP server(I have tried it on both a windows server and a linux server). The block ids agree on both the client and server, and there are no errors when the server is launched. However, no force field blocks appear when it is activated, despite having power. However, on a new world it works perfectly. I tried copying the MC schematic of my server into the new level, but that broke the force fields again. Redpower, IC2, buildcraft, computercraft, and planes mod is installed on this server. Please help as a I LOVE this mod and can't wait to build my underwater base. If anyone needs more information about this I can provide it
    Thanks in advance, Theadd336

    I have the same problem. I have installed Java (JRE) 1.7, newest MineCraft client & Server, Red Power 2 4b (incl. all modules), IC2 latest and prerequisites & computercraft.

    It does work, but as said above, after copying all the server files (with the prepared world in it) to another PC the force fields won't come up. The textures (and redstone wire) shows that the modules áre powered, but just don't generate the field. 8| And I have walked through where the field had to be so they are not just invisible.

    The server was prepared on my main pc so I could use it at a friend's place, but unfortunally above happened...

    I love this mod as well, so please keep up the good work!!! :thumbup:

    P.S. What does the network code card do? I would very much love more info on the items available.