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    Have a log? TE sure runs fine for a whole lot of people, and I don't respond well to random accusations without a crash log.

    must have been drunk when said that, not what i should or meant to say. Turns out for me it was Logistics Pipes and maybe MFFS (which i dont want anymore since its a UE mod now -_-)

    I Using DNS techpack 3.05 KE with Mo creatures,Millieniare ,Powercraft,Mutant Creatures and Coros Mods(weather and Zombi).Here is my Log.Before updating a Forge and Thermal Expansion all was ok.

    Yep same with me, also running dns. Updated thermal expansion and minecraft started bitching about gregtech out of the blue. Guessing theram expansion has a problem.

    ok, I cant craft storage blocks.

    I know there is a config to change this which I had changed so i could craft them. but in the newest downloads of gregtech it seems to not read these configs or generate them anymore.

    Is this now not a config, or is it something just overlooked. Just woundoing cause some of the other mods i use need blocks of diamonds and iron to craft stuff and if this is the case i have to get rid of gregtech.

    any help would be appreciated

    maybe this has been said before, but 293 pages is a lot to go over so here it is.

    I came back here to see if there was an update to download. Greg says no version numbers on the most recent download.

    How do I know if I have the most recent. I download, get no version number, and look back two weeks later and no new version number or date the new link was put up.

    Im not BITCHING I swear, just wondering if anyone else sees something i dont, or knows away to tell other than setting up a server and seeing if lets me join

    I tried it and could not get it to happen, I might be doing it wrong. but it did what it was suppose to for me. maybe another mod installed or only a certain version of buildcraft is doing it.

    Can you list the mods you're using?

    my god its a lot
    buildcraft 3.1.3
    additional pipes
    logic pipes
    sneaky pipes
    laser mod
    crafting table 2
    ender chest
    advanced machines
    portal gun
    wireless redstone
    minecraft forge
    cheat pack
    audio mod and optifine
    i think thats it

    also noticed when i put fuels from EE into normal engines from buildcraft they would not use it. i moved on and didn't test again cause i was working on something else. hopefully this helps