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    The only version of minecraft that I have used is 1.7.10.

    I removed my previous .minecraft folder and let it re-create everything during install.

    Also, I have tried multiple graphics drivers going back several years, and every one has the same issue.

    I only run into issues after adding in Gregtech. Mipmap has no impact on performance with just ic2 and nei installed. I go from 60fps to 1 after adding in Gregtech. Turning off mipmap brings the performance back up to 60fps.

    So, I went in and started changing video settings around to see if one of them was the culprit, and it turns out its the mipmap setting.

    Without gregtech installed, having mipmap on does not impact performance.

    With gregtech, any mipmap makes the game unplayable for me.

    Got it to finally work.

    I found my prior .minecraft folder from the last time I had played minecraft from about 6 months ago. I started comparing what files had changed and was absent in the new clean install. Turns out a single text file was the culprit. It is not generated automatically, and without it the game is unplayable. It's nothing more than an options file in the root of the .minecraft directory.

    If someone could take a look at it and identify why the absence of it makes the game unplayable?


    • options.txt

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    I've recently wanted to start playing gregtech again, but have run into a huge issue that makes the game unplayable. I noticed it first after adding in gregtech--just forge, NEI, and IC2 do not cause the issue. Basically the game runs at 0-1 fps. This is happening both within the level as well as in the main menu. I've put all graphics setting down to minimum and with just forge, NEI and IC2 the game runs around 90fps.

    I've played gregtech before back at version 5.08.18 and everything ran smoothly.

    I've tried running my previous set of mods, but that doesn't seem to help either.

    The issue seems to be related to root.tick.textures

    Paused, the game still give good framerate (77fps)

    System Specs:
    Intel i5 2nd gen
    Intel HD 3000 Graphics
    Windows 10 64-bit
    Java 8 u25 64bit

    This is all on an hours old clean os install to boot. Any help would be appreciated.
    Error is in latest.txt


    • fml-client-latest.log

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