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    I prefer non gregtech tanks to store steam. Im currently using BuildCraft's emerald fluid pipes to pump out steam but they are very slow.

    Does GregTech have an alternative tool to pump out fluids? I dont really wanna use iron tanks etc.

    You know Gregtech steam is not supposed to be stored and cannot be stored in gregtech tanks, as they automatically void it?

    You could probably use the pump covers, though.

    Minor suggestion: it seems interesting and reasonable (if inefficient) to be able to make a flint and steel setup using a meteoric iron rock in place of a nugget. It'd be potentially accessible with zero machinery or mining, but considering it costs you more than double the normal amount of relatively rare and valuable metal, probably not a problem?

    Meteoric Steel being (almost) craftable gives a much more comfortable-looking crucible-tree path, so that's nice.

    I thought you got both the ore and stone, so you had to pick the stone out? So that means that sand ores are useless until you can make steel to make a sifting table? It is a little odd with the copper since you can smelt that into an ingot in a furnace, but throwing it into a crucible just destroys it.

    It seems that you now need mercury instead of steel to make a thermometer. How the heck are you supposed to get that early game?

    You get both ore and stone with crushed ores, not with ore blocks.

    Technically you could make a bronze mechanical sifter instead of a steel sifting table, although I wouldn't - making steel is easy once you've got steam mechanisms anyway. (My strong preference for first powered machine is a centrifuge.)

    As Greg said, cinnabar isn't hard to come by, and it converts to mercury very easily in the crucible.

    How do you produce steel in GregTech 6 right now?

    Heat iron and a small amount of carbon to 2046 K in a crucible.

    To get the carbon you either need a centrifuge (which can be made and operated with only bronze) which can produce it from ash, or to find graphite. I recommend the centrifuge, it's a good thing to have.

    You can sometimes find the iron directly (you can smelt down mine carts and rails, for instance) but if you want to make it from scratch you need to smelt an iron ore, of which there are several different possibilities. Most require the addition of carbon or dark ash (from burning coal) and sometimes also calcite.

    Hello Greg and hello everybody. I have a strong desire of making a server with GT6 to play with my friends for a long time, so here I am to ask some questions. Will there be some major changes in the mod, which will drastically change something? How much of the mod is actually complete?

    Thank you.

    The entire resource economy is substantially changed. Vanilla-style wood and stone tools have enormously reduced durability, while metal takes a significantly more complex process to produce.

    You'll need to make firestarters out of dry grass or dry tree bark, use them to make a vanilla oven, use the oven to smelt one of the few, weak metals that you can, use that to make some basic tools, use the tools to make a smelting crucible, at least one mold, and a firebox, and only then are you really started on things.

    Oh, and you can't make charcoal or mine coal so easily at the start, so you're going to need to cut and dry grass for torches most likely. That's a big one starting out.

    Ore generation is very different, you want to read up on how gregtech veins work. Also a key early note is that mineable ore blocks need to be crushed (with a hammer, an automatic hammering machine, or very preferably a crusher machine) and if possible washed before smelting.

    I dunno what if any parts of the mod are complete, since that depends on where Greg is going with them, but it's quite good about not having gaps. I can't say I've actually completed the progression ever, but the only point in it where I'd argue there's a hole is the crucible sequence (see me griping about the vanadium to iridium step upthread). And that's not actually unbridgeable, it's just in my opinion unreasonably hard and dangerous to progress.

    Okay, I've got the stone oddity again, and maybe have the pattern - going to take a bit more prodding to be sure.

    I put in 24 stone scraps, 6 stone dust, and three cobblestone, in that order I'm pretty sure. Pouring stone axeheads.

    The crucible was black and the first pour was white. After the first pour, it switched to looking normal. No problem with the actual pouring since everything was in multiples of three units.

    So I'm thinking the weird effect is linked to the scrap - and maybe on the scrap being the first thing into the crucible, even.

    Maybe not the whole issue (what with the colour issue you observe),

    but wouldn't this be 5 stone rather than the 6 needed?

    Yes, it would.

    ...Whether or not I made that mistake in game or only in reporting it I'm not sure. I do know that adding just one more cobble after the first pour wouldn't happen didn't work, though.

    (I'll post again if I manage to figure out a way to make this happen.)

    As far as I know I only have one kind of cobblestone, it all looks the same and stacks together. It's vanilla cobble to the best of my knowledge. Mods are IC2 2.2.828-experimental, NEI, HarvestCraft 1.7.10Lb, Chickencore, ChickenChunks, and GT 6.05.25.

    ...I'm failing to reproduce this now. I had stone behaving oddly, but my current 15 cobbles off the same stack are working exactly as I'd expect. So I don't know how to get the anomalous outcome. Sorry!

    I think I've got a little bug here. I haven't updated from 6.05.25 yet, but I don't see it covered in later changelogs.

    Throwing cobblestone into my crucible seems to behave a little oddly. It seems to act like it's a different material than stone from stone scraps, and not combine with them. (I tried to cast a hammer head with 18 scraps and 3 cobbles - no good until I threw in three more cobbles.) It also doesn't look like molten stone, it's black in the crucible and white in the mold instead of the usual reddish color.

    I can cast stone tools with it and they seem fine (and stack normally) but it's a little off.

    I fixed the IC2 Cells being able to contain molten Rutile long ago. And as far as I know, you dont need Titanium Crucibles in order to progress with the Crucible Tree, there is others you have to use.

    Titanium crucibles are pretty useless, but the only ways I can see to reach Niobium and higher crucibles is through Niobium Titanium (which naturally requires titanium) or in theory through a Vanadium crucible and an Iridium crucible. The latter is incredibly reckless (you get a 9 degree window between melting the Iridium and melting the Vanadium crucible) and of course requires finding more incredibly rare iridium than I've ever seen. (Presumably no problem once you locate an ultra-rare platinum vein...)

    Or there's the trick with centrifuging ~280 cubic meters of lava and using a rolling mill to skip to tungsten directly, I guess.

    Coming back into GT6 with a new world, I'm looking at the mysteries of initial titanium production now that it can't be procured by sluicing.

    I'm pretty sure you've got to use the crucible to melt your ores (probably rutile though theoretically you could use ilmenite and a steel centrifuge) because you can't work your way up to a tungsten crucible for a smelter until after you've got the titanium.

    So you need to take 2000+ K molten rutile out of the crucible and get it into a mixer. I'm guessing that you can't just tap it into a mixing bowl at that temperature. I think that means it has to be picked up with some kind of hand-held container and deposited into the mixer through a tiny funnel, but if there's an alternative to that I'd love to know.

    So then the question is what can you use? Can you dip out a measuring cup of molten rutile? I've seen a couple references to using IC2 fluid cells, but that seems awfully kludgy - is there any better way?