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    Hey, I just downloaded this, and tried to run it along the other mods I have, the same mix as Direwolf20 have.

    But, I ran into the following error, and I can see I am not the only one that has it. I haven't been able to deduce the fix for it from this thread though, even after reading a fair few pages back. Either I am blind, or there are no solution yet?

    Seems Adv. machines does not like you, or one of your other mods. Currently I have installed IC2, BC, Add. Pipes, BC/IC crossover, Nether ores, Adv. machines installed. the Only problem I have with Adv. Machines is, the Machines does not work in SMP, thou the solar panels does - My/our Minecrafts does not crahs - try to test Adv. machines against each mod....


    I'm waiting like a little child for Christmas ....

    The Idea is so great I'm thinking about adopting some one the ideas - The power plant idea - at leas I hope - will be implemented on our server.
    the last few days we have been talking about building a city, where each house have their own set of appliances (working naturally) and rather than each house should have their own "power-production" it would be great to connect all the houses - maybe even factories - to one or more power stations.

    We have implemented it all ready but in a much much smaller scale. To make a stable grid can cause a few sweety calculations - and a lot of measurements.

    Our main concerns are:
    How much power should always be available - thus powering up and down ex. Nuclear plant
    How to we avoid drained

    anyway enough about me - still love your project. Thums up


    Me and my players would just love if the SMP version would get un-bugged, or how to say...

    If there is anything I can do the this to get done, please let me know - either here in the forum, or preferable PM me...
    I'm no programmer or modder - I'm just your average gamer... but I just love this "MOD-Addon"

    somehow I do not understand why the IC-team, just doesn't adopt you and your mod - the machines you have created with this MOD are an absolute MUST in IC, the "ordinary" ones aren't just sufficient enough (and to noisy) !!!

    "Please help me Obi Wan Kenobi - You are my only hope..... !! "
    Or let me help you, if I can