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    I've already tried that, but it doesnt work because the Energy-O-Mat doesn't emit a redstone puls when there is energy flowing through it.
    It emits the redstone signal if energy could flow though it, so if there are enough coins inside the machine, and that doesn't really help me.

    Sorry for my bad English by the way, I usually speak German.

    Hey everybody!

    I tried to use a miner and extractor pipes to "produce" lava buckets, but it didn't work!
    I placed the Miner above the lava, with a chest next to it.
    Then I filled the chest with empty buckets and insertet a charged battery in the lower slot of the miner and the extractor pipes in the upper slot.
    The miner started to work and placed the first extractor pipe into the lava and continued working, but the empty buckets in the chest just weren't filled.

    I tried the exactly same thing for water, and there it worked without any problems.
    Does anyone know a solution, or is this just a IndustrialCraft bug?