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    YA it would blow up if ice got put into it that slowly. you have it set for ece every 5 seconds. my logistic pipes put in one roughly every .5 seconds. so it actualyl can last around 80 cycles.
    and i choose to do this way because it is a quicker energy source then a whole bunch of generators. i need only 1 collector. and what other fun power source take thinking to make work with out it blowing up in your face i did not just randomly get this on first try this was my fifth nuclear reactor i made. and honestly even with out EE you can setup a automatic water bucket with logistic pipes and have it that way i again just choose the easier path of ice with EE lot less piping and hassle.

    Edit: and honestly even if they did increase ice block emc in EE i would still do it this way just with more condensers just because it is so much fun producing that much energy at once with nuclear F'ing Power ^.^

    no it has not. I have run it 5 times in a row and hasn't even started getting hot. was running 8 buildcraft quarry's at the time.

    Edit: um to your answer about logic pipes you can set it up with a filter attached to your chest pumping out a ice block every .5 or 1 second i forget which it is with pnuematic tubes connected to your nuclear reactor i jsut use logic pipes because they are safer with the redstone timer getting reset when ever you log out and log in and if you use nei or some thing to change your realm time it can miss a ice pull and start a very slow increase if you miss to many. say you log out log in reset to mid day. where as logic pipe will compensate for that and pull out how ever many it is missing right then

    To build this you do need 3 other mods to make it work EE, Logic pipes, and Buildcraft. I used Teleport pipes too just to make it look a little nicer but are not needed stone piping works just as fine. Only requires 2 reactor chambers. Here are some pictures and i will say a little more after.

    Now to explain the image in the top left and right below it is the machine making my ice and it is poretty basic i have a mk1 collecter generating power to a condenser to make ice (which is the top right photo. I have a filter pulling that ice out and pumping it into a chest and it doesnt matter what type of chest it is any will do. The left middle picture is of provider pipes hooked up to my chest to supply ice to my reactor via a supplier pipe from the top of the reactor ( bottom right image). Now this reactor takes only 18 uranium cells you can do less but 18 is optimum i have found (bottom left image). This reactor set up will fill roughly 11 mfsu. My energy storage set up (middle right image). I do have the whole reactor chamber with running water except for the build craft pipe from the top and the HV x4 cable from the side. Any more questions just ask i should be able to answer them.