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    Thanks for your Report, you delivered the exact piece of the exception that I needed to fix this Bug for the Bugfix Version I will push out at the late 24th of December. So yeah Bug is fixed and this won't crash anymore, at least not because of GT6.

    Btw 32767 is the Wildcard Metadata, and technically shouldn't exist in any way that makes a Tooltip visible, but I guess we wont get that additional Thaumcraft Bug fixed with Azanor having left MC aeons ago.

    However the Exception Snippet is still a bit short and I am not sure that whenever a next eventual bug happens, that such a small bit of an Info would be enough. So this was just Luck that your Report didnt end in me asking you to provide more detail. ;P

    Hello Gregorius,

    thanks for your support. I saved the full crash report at pastebin:

    I checked the class net.minecraft.block.Block and found following unsafe points:

    Every call with a metadata <0 or >15 will fire the Exception. I think if a mod is well programmed the problem will not exist. But there are some blocks with metadata (= damage of ItemStack) > 15 and the crash occurs. I checked the class Item too. Damage <0 is not possible normally, because it is checked in setDamage(...). But the upper limit isn't checked unfortunately.

    I hope, my notes are not so boring for you.

    1. ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 32767
    2. at net.minecraft.block.Block.getHarvestTool(
    3. at gregapi.GT_API_Proxy_Client.onItemTooltip(
    4. ...

    Hello Gregorius,

    we have a private server with over 250 mods. GregTech is one of the best, thanks!

    I read in Thaumonomicon and was with mouse over an item and the client crashed. I checked the class ...Block, the function getHarvestTool(int metadata) is not error tolerant. There are only 16 fields in the array harvestTool of Block. A call with a metadata <0 or >15 will crash the client. The wrong metadata was 32767 in this error case.

    I cannot say which item is the reason for the crash, definitely not one of GregTech's. But you could prevent the crash if you add a try...catch in your class GT_API_Proxy_Client for example. It would be very nice.

    Merry Christmas

    Hello Gregorius,

    great mod, without any question. But I have a problem. Sensors (e.g. thermometer sensor) don't work properly in redstone mode. If I set the mode for example to "smaller than" I cannot adjust the number. The display shows only 0000K (thermometer sensor), other sensors -> other units. I used screwdriver at buttons without any success. It writes only the changed value as message.
    I have a constant redstone signal or not as result.

    My versions:

    minecraft forge 1.7.10-

    industrialcraft 2-2.2.828


    I will check the newest version, but I have the problem in older versions of gregtech too.