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    Can someone help me a little? Im stuck on bronze age, I cant manage to make my bronze machines to work:

    Im using bronze burning box -> bronze steam boiler -> bronze pipe -> bronze steam engine -> bronze machine

    everithing is working until bronze steam engine, it changes to color green because it's full of steam (or thats what I think) but my machines: bronze centrifugue and sifter dosnt work but bronze hammer does work, according to NEI it use 8Gu/t and all the other bronze machines does need 16-32 Gu/t, I've tried to use gravel into sifter and impure magnetite dust into centrifugue, both takes 16Gu/t according to NEI but machines just dosn't start working..

    Edit: Nvm already find the problem, didnt knew than there are different kind of energy units for gregtech machines