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    Have to say I like a lot of the ideas I read about here. Since the update to 1.3.2 I have also been pursuing the brewing system on my server. Granted we never had the no noticeable affects since we have a buff bar addon installed, but a few of my players have been enjoying some of our brews, but felt the selection was, well limited. and so it set a few ideas into motion in my mind. I would love to see some additional types of booze too try and make, one of which you already mentioned such as Cider made via apples. I had a few additional ideas about other drinks that can be made in the current MC version without additional crops being added to the game.

    • Moonshine - Distilled from Cactus (Or would it be Tequila, not really sure)
    • Wines - Based off Watermelon and Sugar (Could add other ingredients for spicing/different flavors) Thank my Southern US players for this one...
    • Vodka - Based off of Seeds (or bio-clump) and Sugar (Adds it sooner than 1.4 and it was suggested to me just before I was going to post this)
    • Coffee Vodka/Rums - Based of Vodka and/or Rum and Coffee (Just something I thought of with the stuff I have downstairs :rolleyes: )

    I enjoy the current effect that rum gives and would only like to see it added to beers (and if added, the newer boozes) with each one kicking in sooner based on the drink. Rum would stay as is, so ~4 drinks to be totally smashed. Beer would be ~6-8 drinks for similar results (Varied maybe by how strong the beer is), Wine ~5-7 drinks (Again varied on whether port or normal wine), Moonshine ~1-2 drinks (I think 1), Cider ~5-6 drinks, Vodka ~3-4 drinks. Coffee Vodka would mix booze affects with those of coffee and be ~4-5 drinks to be drunk.. The additional affects are up to the creator in my book.

    Looking past this, I like the way the keg must be tapped, and you fill the drinks, but I have to say that I am not a fan of two things. The first is the current barrels as they are. The addition of a better barrel, that doesn't require the scaffold would be awesome (difficult in a square world, true but possible, not necessary though). On top of that, the ability to bottle the drinks would be nice. IE, I make a glass bottle (Not the potion one, but a bigger bottle such as wine) and I put it in the canning machine, then put the mug/glass in and it fills it partially, with a max of say 3 uses per bottle. That would be awesome, especially if you could place the bottle on a shelf to display it (With the color based on the bottles contents Beer yellow-brown, rum light brown, wine red/whitish, moonshine & vodka clear). The bottling aspect is something many of my players would be interested in. Or if not that and they add better kegs, be able to move the keg and keep the content, with the keg skin being based on what is inside (the keg color maybe?)

    I have to say I also like how you looked ahead to work with the new foods in 1.4, so good thinking there. As well, obviously I would love to see grapes added to the game, both as a simple food and for additional wines (old-school, yes I know) but I can understand this being considered a pointless addition simply for a new crop only for the booze system.

    Now then, personally I have to disagree with some of the ways you are suggesting he change the way the current system buffs/de-buffs the player. I think that some of the ideas you have may be a little too over-powering for what the system was intended for. Especially by adding to armor or giving regeneration. I could understand a 'protection' buff being added based on not being able to feel pain as much maybe but the regeneration I just can't logically see. I like the food idea, and I think that Beers do that already somewhat. That said, I think the affects should stay more similar to what they currently are. But this is just my opinion. I think you definitely gave this a LOT of thought and worked to balance it out, and I respect that greatly so please don't take this as a personal attack or me saying I know better, its not. This is just my two cents.

    Its great to hear that SMP is getting so close to being completed. Since I am in the process of rebuilding our server and client files to fix a incompatibility or two, if you tell me how many block ID's that your mod takes up currently, I can try to clear up a few on my server to try testing the mod out once you release a test version. Hope to see SMP soon, and I can't wait for the new additions you plan on adding such as the Satellite system and Ion Cannon!

    So I have been following your mod for a while since shortly after IC2 came out and these forums came online, and that my guild and I find your mod exceptionally good. While our server is private for the moment, we do enjoy a small PvP and PVE/RP aspect to our server and feel that this would make for an awesome addition to our server. But I have to admit that I am slightly confused about something. I read the FAQ you have linked on the second main post and was wondering about your plans for SMP. I read your post that stated:

    Future update plans are as follows. First, I'm going to finish the SSP features I've got partially coded (BuildCraft pipe support, satellite infrastructure, GPS satellite and transponder, mapping satellite, ground-penetrating imaging, orbital ion cannon, missile defense laser, radar dish and defense coordination block, control block for multiple missiles). Hopefully by the time that's finished I'll have found someone to take over the Bukkit conversion; if not, I can't promise anything.

    But I am still confused about something. I was wondering two things: Are you only making a Bukkit version, or are you waiting for help with making the Bukkit version so you can make both SMP Vanilla and SMP Bukkit versions and release them at the same time? I only ask because I don't run Bukkit on my server and there are quite a few people in my guild who would love to see this mod on our MC Server. I was hoping that you could clarify this for me if possible?