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    yeah. i got that. so from your observation what other mods need to be changed from unification? greg works well with galacticraft right? im guessing all materials from rotarycraft/reactorcraft need to be changed back? anything else i need to be aware of? will greg break thaumcraft? magical crops? meh. you get the idea XD

    hmmm no. i did not XD

    one of these days instead of enjoying myself playing minecraft for an hour i might have to sit down and not enjoy myself reading through the complete unification.cfg

    however. the problem with that scenario is that in order for me to know what i need to change in the unification.cfg and what works fine i have to chage one setting at a time as i find an incompatible recipe. then i have to start my MC client and wait ~4-5 minutes for it to load, and test another few recipes...

    if only there was a user maintained forum page soemwhere with a list of possibly gregtech incompatible recipes XD

    or maybe some in depth documentation on exactly how unification works, then i could understand and predict broken recipes XD

    k. apparently ars magica and gregtech do not like each other. meh.

    ive turned off inventory unification so things like reikas mods and ars dont break because of thier hard coded recipes requiring specific materials.

    so my problem is now after making the ars altar and trying to make my first spell, whenever i drop vintium dust to add it to the spell it doesnt work. then i noticed that my pulverized/macerated vintium ore was turning into gregtech vintium dusts...

    so i used NEI to myself vinteum dust from ars magica, and it stayed the same in my inventory, but when i drop it on the ground it immediatly turns into gregtech version?

    is there a seperate unification setting to change for things that are on the ground?

    what do?

    ooo! googy ive been playing GT5 waiting patiently (or not XD ) for 6 to get implemented. been building my own personal pack for the last few days. omg 200 mods config conflicting is rediculous! mostly biome/potion ID conflicts between AM2 - Reika's Mods - BiomesOP

    on the plus side i found out how to make cauldron work with forge 1307 so im putting together a server XD
    now if only i could afford a decent dedi :(

    sigh. here we go again. so got muh of the incompatibilities out of my custom pack. saw awesomeness that is item physics mod, added +1 to pack, decided suure shaders sound nice, who doesnt like dat water reflection and real shadows. loaded up mah client and my computer was like NOPE.jpg 5-6fps. really? even with otifine. on my 8core 5ghz rig with 32 gigs of ram. lol dat shaders.

    after finally figuring out how to prevent inter-mod recipe breaking with gretech/unification.cfg (trolling forum post for a while. fun stuff) and making rotarycraft HSLA steel not turn into gregtech HSLA steel, now gregtech HSLA steel turns into rotary craft HSLA steel? wot? i mean yeah it still works in recipes for GT, if you change rotarycraft.cfg flag "allow RC steel to work with other mods" to true. but WTHeven makes GT HSLA steel reverse unify into rotarycraft steel? wot wot? maybe im just a stickler for the astetics but frankly i like GT HSLA steel cause it looks like steel whereas RC steel looks like shiny aluminium. shame reika hard coded his recipes for incompatibility.

    so my real question is, what other mods do you guys know of that require a specific item for crafting that GT unifies? cause crrently the debug proccess is change config, wait 5 minutes for MC to load, play for a while, notice a recipe wont work cause mod A doesnt like mod B, stop server rinse repeat. any input would be much appreciated.

    i dont know what im doing wrong here but for some reason i cant get gregtech to use hardmode recipes. i like hardmode recipes. why greg whyyyy? lol yeah

    when i had gregtech 5 recipes were automaticly on hardmode. now evenn after deleting the greg configs recipes dont have gregification... is so sadness...

    example: iron pick : recipe uses iron ingots like in vanilla. or pig iron etc. etc.

    what do?

    so i started with direwolf20 1.10 for 1.7.10 and added the following

    smart moving
    compact machines
    improving minecraft
    MB Battlegear2
    tinkers defense
    electromagic tools
    hardcore ender expansion

    advanced generators
    hunger overhaul

    pwer converters
    pressure pipes
    random things
    reactor craft
    steves factory manager
    wireless redstone

    plus gregtech 6

    here are the client configs.

    change your .minecraft/buildcraft/config/buildcraft.cfg

    watch those block IDs the server has different ones...


    # Configuration file
    # Generated on 2/21/12 2:46 AM

    # General #

    general {
    # set to true for allowing machines to be driven by continuous current
    # set to true to load pre 2.2.5 worlds pipes
    # set to false if BuildCraft should not generate custom blocks (e.g. oil)
    # increasing this number will decrease network update frequency, useful for overloaded servers
    # set to false to deactivate pipe connection rules, true by default

    # Block #

    block {

    # Item #

    item {

    and redpower.cfg (only need to change ~150 block ID ranges so it stops conflicting with builcraft and rp lamps

    # RedPower 2 Configuration
    blocks {
    base {

    lighting {
    machine {
    world {

    Planetcrafters is hosted on a quadcore with 2gigs of dedicated ram, connected to a 1Gbps pipe. We get more users we'll see about more ram lol.

    anyway we're running these mods on Vanilla MCServer 1.1

    BuildCraft 2.2.12
    RedPower 2 pre4d
    IC2 1.71
    SmartMoving 6.12
    ComputerCraft 1.3

    Im pretty lax with the rules, just dont go messing up peoples things and everyting will be ok.

    connect to the server here: