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    Hey looking for a bit of community help. i'm looking to get into electrolyzer use and multiblocks, but i don't quite understand where to start with them. i've been using single steam engines for most of my recipes up to this point, and i have an overabundance of materials that i need an electrolyzer for, but i don't know how to use them above MV (since the MV electrolyzer can be used with a chromium/titanium steam setup) any advice would be appreciated :)

    also question for greg: i've been trying to set up an account on your direct forums, but whenever i try to enter my information it tells me my email is incorrect. it says that the email checks out, but when i go to complete the registration, it says it is not correct. any advice for trying to get that account set up?

    ok so i looked through the changelog until i read about the rock layers update because you mentioned that ores were now biome/rocktype dependant. seeing as gold now only spawns in andesite, i checked through both worldgen folders to see if i could find any information about where other ore types would be located. i didn't find, or perhaps didn't understand the folders, but i couldn't find the information i was looking for. my question is: where is the folder that tells me the rock type and biome of the ores i'm looking for? or should i say, any of the ores i might be looking for?

    so i tried it out, and it didn't end up working. Because the suppliers are stacked on top of each other, the pipes need to be stacked. it seems in this situation, it doesn't register the two as different inventories, and fills both with distilled water. strangely, the top pipe also continuously requests water even when both inventories are filled. i was able to fix my current issue by removing the "benchmark" of 1000 units, but it will likely increase my energy use significantly. was there a super important reason why capacities were lowered so severely? just curious

    i'm using a combination of mods currently so that might have an effect on its ability to work, but here is how it functions: logistics pipes has a system that allows automated filling of liquid inventories in which you set the amount and benchmark of where it needs to fill. it checks these inventories every certain amount of ticks (not entirely sure how long the tick is) after which point it requests an amount in 1000(liquidunit) chunks. this request isn't instant and has to pass through the pipes until it reaches its destination. since the capacity is nearly 1/5th of what it used to be, and because it is lower than the 1000 unit benchmark required, it doesn't even properly register that it needs to be filled, and even when it does register the liquid takes too long to get there and the machine stops running.these are all run on fuel btw. i'm even noticing with my liquid tungsten burning box, which is constantly fed with 2000 units, is stopping extremely frequently. if there was a config that allowed me to manually select the fuel capacity for these machines that would completely solve the issue (if that is possible) picture attached shows how the interface for the liquid supplier(fills the adjacent inventory with desired liquid) works. all of these systems worked perfectly fine the last time i was playing, i would say it completely has to do with fuel capacity

    can i still ask questions here or do i have to do so on the new gt specific forums? just let me know if this is inappropriate. haven't played in a good few months so not up to date on what has changed. stopped playing just after the worldgen changed. currently having an issue with running my dense liquid burning boxes. it seems that the fuel capacity has been lowered from 4800 to 960. any specific reason for this? is there a config in which i can change this value back? my machines don't work anymore

    is there a cover that tells exactly how much power a machine is receiving? i know i can test the wires but that doesn't always give me exact answers

    also, since the update in which titanium processing got changed, a have a big ol' barrel full of molten rutile that NEI says can't be used for anything, is there any way for me to convert this for use in making titanium?