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    wow, i feel incredibly dumb for forgetting that.

    the BC pipes are from additional pipes, and are rated for 2000/t flow rate, so they should by far be able to handle the 768/t steam output. when i use the elecrometer sensor, the wires are behaving exactly how i expect them to: the dynamo is producing 176 EU/T with the 2 loss, the bat box is producing 128/t with 4 loss. magnetite is supposed to process at 112 GU/t, yet when i add the bat box it won't process. i even switched out the BC pipes for large bronze pipes and it is behaving the exact same way

    ok so here's where my issue with understanding comes in to play with battery boxes/ using electricity. this is the type of setup i've been using to try and test how electricity works. steam setup that puts out 256 RU/t into a mv dynamo, mv battery box with 3 mv sodium batteries, mv electrolyzer with magnetite within. from what i've read here in the last few posts, this should function. it's giving out 2 packets of 128 and a third battery for EU loss if i were to use a copper wire. the magnetite isn't processing

    seregheru, that was pretty much exactly the information i was looking for. thank you so much for that. have your quotes saved in my GT notes.

    last thing for now i'm a little shaky on: with battery boxes and amps, does a single amp always produce the 1/2 total power described in the tooltip? for instance will a medium battery box always produce 128/ EU/t per amp?

    I've never gotten a dynamo that powerful so you may be trying to run more steam than bronze pipes can carry. Also don't forget you lose a few EU going down wires. A battery box means you can charge it up more slowly with a less powerful dynamo, then burst out the power to run the machine for a while. Or you can charge the battery box with multiple smaller dynamos.

    my issue thus far with the battery box is, let's say i'm trying to run a MV electrolyzer with a MV battery box. how many batteries should/can i use? does using more than one battery at a time make a difference? how much power does it put out when attached to a machine of the same tier? how do i change the power output to better suite my needs? currently i've tried using multiple batteries and after the number of batteries exceeds the amperage limit on the wires they ignite. with any number of setups i've tried they have all failed to run properly. most recently i tried running a MV electrolyzer with a MV battery box trying to process magnetite. i tried 1-15 batteries in the large battery box and none of them processed the magnetite.

    You will have to be less vague.

    well currently i'm running direct conversion from a steam setup through a dynamo directly into my machines. currently i'm trying to get a (HV) electrolyzer to work using 2 titanium burning box/ chromium boiler (dense) with huge bronze fluid pipes but it's not working. i'm also trying to make circuit board (advanced) or higher which requires using light energy. now i can use what i would normally use for a LV electrolyzer, but from what i've gathered there is some other more efficient way using batteries, or battery boxes or something. my main questions are why my HV electrolyzer isn't working when it should be (magnalium turbine should be producing 512 RU (352 EU output which should be enough to work on the 320 EU tier stuff, and is there another more efficient way to use EU energy than the direct RU-EU using batteries/battery boxes/tranformers/covers ( i don't know how any of those function)

    I'm not familiar with #1 or #3, but I'm fairly sure that making a buildcraft pump does normally consume the empty bucket (I just tried it on a vanilla crafting table, and the empty bucket was consumed). Some modpacks might change that behavior via Modtweaker, though.

    that, i find extremely odd because i was going through and testing a comprehensive list of the items that required buckets in recipes. so far as i can tell every recipe i have that requires buckets does not consume them on use. here is a before and after of crafting a buildcraft pump

    EDIT: even more curious, in the second set of attached pictures i craft a gregtech recipe that requires a bucket, and the bucket does not get consumed. this means that an entirely different mod has a condition in which no empty buckets are consumed in recipes, but the condition isn't applied to GT advanced crafting tables

    Empty Buckets always get consumed afaik, only the filled ones don't.

    do you mean for general recipes, or just for gregtech related recipes? because i can think of 3 distinct other mod related objects that require, but do not consume empty buckets:

    1. LXP absorber (liquid exp)

    2. buildcraft pump (buildcraft)

    3. logistics fluid basic pipe (logistics pipes)

    attached are images of crafting 10 logistics fluid basic pipes with a second image of the buckets not consumed

    potential bug: i have a crafting recipe that requires, but does not consume buckets. when i tried to create this recipe in an advanced crafting table, it also consumed the buckets.

    Edit: the mod is logistics pipes, and the recipe is for basic fluid logistics pipes