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    Sounds like the GUI IDs on your config don't match the server's GUI IDs for those items.

    OK, I tried to put my server's config into the SP's, but it always resets to default

    EDIT: It doesn't reset, but it also doesn't work

    here are my files SP:


    I also have a mod_IC2AdvancedMachines.cfg but I only touched the IC2AdvancedMachines.cfg(without the mod_).

    I have a problem using the advanced machines(not the solar arrays) on SMP on my own private server. They don't get any energy and if I try to put items in them(I simply click on them without right-/shiftclicking), the item that I had held before disappears and I hold a part of my armor. If I close the GUI the item is back again. In Singleplayer everything works fine. What did I do wrong?

    I have a porblem with installing the adonn, here's my error:

    could you please help me