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    Yea I tried that program and it seams to have done nothing I. It created the config file but did nothing.
    i tried the config setting id of 29955 and also 30211 (in case the mod does not account for the +256)

    Is there not a way to disable it in ic2.cfg?

    I tried to disable rubber boots until they are fixed on my server but when I changed the ID = 0 it now crafts a iron shovel.
    is there another way to disable items?

    The Industrial Block

    TIB Project is to be a massive space station for mankind to take to the stars and explore new worlds. Will you aid in mankind's last hope by assisting in the TIB project?

    A MASSIVE space station is in the works that will be the spawn point for new players and provide permanent living space.

    Once the space station is completed, a new world will be generated approximately every month. After a month this world will be disabled and a new one will be created.

    One World will be open portal allowing travel both ways allowing players to visit the world mine and build openly. Basic events will take place here as well.

    The Second world will be a harsh environment. These worlds will usually have more resources. Shuttles will drop you off here but will only pick you up once a week. Security staff will not be available on this world allowing open PVP.

    Server Info

    Server IP: (

    Website: (Early design needs work)

    Running FTB pack with logistic pipes addded


    -port 7279

    -pass: noti

    Difficulty: Hard Survival with mob griefing disabled (no creeper/zombie damage to buildings)

    White list enabled

    Slots: 50

    Server is hosted by (will increase service as needed)

    Xeon L5420

    5 GB Ram


    1. TIB is a server for adults.

    a. No excessive cursing.

    b. No form of speech that makes another feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. If asked to stop, please stop.

    c. No offensive skins. If asked to change it, please change it.

    2. Don’t mess with other people's stuff.
    a. If it does not belong to you please don’t touch it.
    b. Don’t build close to another person, leave room for both of you to expand.
    3. PVP by consent only.
    a. Both parties need to be willing to PVP
    b. Attacker is responsible for fixing accidental damage.
    c. PVP will be allowed in designated areas
    4. Don’t be needy.
    a. Don’t ask moderators for items.
    b. Learn to use Google. If you need help with how to do something, please remember, someone may choose to help you but no one has to help you.

    For more information please visit…-whitelist-in-alpha.1235/

    First IC2 is a great Mod and is a Core Part of my server.

    Second I Have not updated my production server yet to 106. This is partially due to IC2 bugs but also due to RP2 Not updated yet. It is running on my test server and awaiting a stable release.

    Alblaka, sorry I think you’re Catch 22 on this one. If you wait till all bugs are fixed then you have people complaining it’s taking too long. On the other hand you rush to release and some bugs make it through and people complain its buggy. In the end it’s your mod and unless people are paying you for it then they have no right telling you what to do with it.

    I think IC2 should not go open source, unless that is the way you want it to be. Linus’ Law was disproved by Glass, so the argument that more people equal less bugs is not valid. Some kind of structured bug tracker may not be a bad idea but I think the people working on the code should be handpicked as they have been. Adding a few beyond the needs of the programming may not be a bad idea as people do have real lives (or at least most of us do)

    Linus' law – "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow."

    which version ?? SMP ??

    more Info please

    Sorry i thought i saw this was already reported.

    SMP (Bukkit)
    Been using since it went to V2 right now I'm running beta5rev1_bukkit
    The Area is set up with world anchors from Rail Craft.
    Sometimes when the server reloads it deletes blocks in its path.
    It appears to be only affecting Sphere projector (Dome, mob, jammer upgrades)
    the door ways i have been using are tube projectors and they work fine.
    Sphere was set to 64 range and actually cut all the way to bedrock (have not found any bedrock destroyed)
    Since then i have upgraded it with a dome upgrade but it does still cut into the ground.
    I also have this connected to a RP light sensor and a not gate so that it only turns on at night.

    I'm with you one opinion ..Defense YES Killing only NO

    The Tesla Coil kills indiscriminately. Im basically looking for the same function as the mob defense to be added to the security station.

    right now my force field has to be a dome as a sphere or cube both cut into the ground if the server reboots while it is up.

    I would like to be able to just put up force walls around the outside of the base and still be able to kill all mobs inside.

    I hate having to place lights down every few blocks besides torches look like horrible on a futuristic based server.

    Sorry for late response had a few things come up in RL.

    OutlandCraft prides itself on making sure all players that act in a mature manner are left to work out difficulties on their own. The issue you have written about was a player who did something to annoy others and was repeatedly asked to stop. When that player had action taken against him his first response was to seek out retribution from an admin rather than seek how his actions played a role in what happened to him. In my eyes, this show a level of immaturity that others will not feel comfortable with.

    For anyone interested in knowing the full story, here's a link to the posting on our forum:…-killed-and-record-stolen

    Actual as stated in the post even he only played a record and not once was even asked to stop. When said player asked for record back the attacker informed them he was collecting records.

    Edit: would just suggest reading around alittle on how the admin handle things in there forums before paying $10.

    Server was a great idea but admin communication is not that and they are very childish on how they handle issues.
    The Admins do not communicate and are very unresponsive to issues. Admins mock players that post griefing issues with videos from Disney movies.
    Server is very unstable as well and crashes daily if not more.
    Would suggest finding another server if you’re looking for a well-managed server.

    Would like to see a generator that harnesses lightning.

    Could only make it generate power when there is a storm.
    Graphically would be nice if it called down lightning on its self every so often.

    Should Generate like Randomly 512 - 1024 EU per strike but only gets hit every once in a while. Rate of strikes should be based on the Blocks in X range taller then the rod

    This would force players to have to put Power Converters to avoid blowing out Equipment