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    Well let me explain because what happens , the tittle is just a short report.

    Current when you teleport ONE time with the teleporter (don't know if it's just for long ranges or short ones too) all pressure plates and levers stop working UNTIL you reconnect to the server again.And also MFSU's (could be just them or other storage units too , i haven't tested) stop showing the numbers raising or decreasing , they just stop until you relog (but if you close it's interface [MFSU] and re-open it you can see that it's still gaining energy over time)

    Oh and by the way im using Solars + MFSU with tin cable's wiring.

    My currently installed mods are : IC²1.71 , AnimalBikes v1.95 , CraftGuide(plus Quick Guide for clientside-SMP view of recipes) and OptiFine. All of them are the most recent versions if this matters.

    Thanks for the attention and sorry if there was already a thread like this , atleast i didn't find it =/.

    EDIT : And ALSO the teleporter just can't teleport back to the starting point sometimes :/ , im not sure about this ...testing ATM , will get back with details soon.

    EDIT2 : It just teleports back to the SAME(not the previous one or "starting point)) location like if there was two teleporters side by side (but like i said it was a really long distance that cost me like 2m EU + with Full inventory each teleportation)

    EDIT3 : ABOUT the 1st"EDIT" i've noticed that if theres no block under the teleporter that will happen anyways , so you gotta put anything under them ( don't let them float! ) but the pressure plate bug still exists except for buttons that works ONLY for DOORS does nothing to the teleporter nearby and you still have to relog if you wanna use it once again.

    EDIT4: After teleporting , sometimes( like 70% of them) the teleporter will STAY activated like if a lever was next to it while i've just pressed a button...and if you get close to it again (if you come back to that location ) you will be teleported to your previous destination.Say P1 is your current location and P2 is the destination you want to reach. If you teleport from P1 to P2 using a button to send redstone signal , it will stay activated and if you go back to "P1" the teleporter will still be activated you will be teleported back to P2 if nearby ,thus wasting MORE ridiculous amounts of energy. (Sorry for the long sentence but i had to explain it in minimal details.

    I think that's all for the moment, please IC² modders try to fix that if possible =P thanks again.

    is IC² compatible with Bukkit now? o.o , i remember that in the past it wasn't.

    Well i couldn't find anything about crafting recipes in the CraftBook's page :/ , and CraftGuide is SSP only , unless it can work in SMP servers too (mine is SMP btw).

    Thanks for answering anyways.

    EDIT :

    Nvm , i'll just craft the CraftGuide in SSP to see the recipe =o , thanks for repplying!

    Hello everyone , and sorry if there's already a thread like this around.

    Well my report is about the Recipes File Link , in the release's posts , the link is offline/broke ! i can't download it ...even trying "Save link as..." and it didn't worked :/.

    The reason as to why i wanted the recipes File is to craft the new Static Boots because there's NOTHING on the wiki about them and also because the Quantum Suit recipes changed and i don't have the full suit yet.

    Could anyone help me ? like giving me a TXT file with the recipes or even Screenshots(like how to craft them) of said items ?

    Thanks anyways and sorry for my poor english !

    PS : A fix on the recipe's file link would be better IMO (so everyone would have it at hand at ANYTIME).