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    Hmm, trying to get any of two fuel rods next to each other practically forces redesign of the reactor because every OC vent here have to be surrounded by 4 component vents or else it explodes, leaving no room for two fuel rods next to each other except bottom corners. Also, two quads together give too much heat to handle. So, for this I need to make different reactor design.

    About the condensers, hmm, I didn't try it to be honest mainly because I prefer vent-only reactors and didn't want bother with items that need to be recharged, I like to turn reactor on and forget, bringing only new fuel rods from time to time. However using UUM for this looks interesting, I wonder if with correct design it could be self-sustaining, UUM cost for lapis isn't that high from what I remember.

    I hope it's a good place to do post it. This subforum doesn't seem very active, so maybe someone will see this thread.

    I made 5 quad rods + 3 double rods MOX reactor.

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    I made it in creative because I have not enough MOX fuel in my SP world. The last screenshot shows how much energy it gives at 84%.

    360EU/t at 0%, it can be used for uranium and it's not that bad value(the same as 6 quad rod design for uranium).
    On ingame screenshot is generates 1352EU/t at 68,88% temperature(just below hurt temperature), ~1570EU/t is possible just before 85%(lava).
    It uses overclocked vents, 5 quad rods and 3 double rods. 5 quad rods and 1 double one(that one on the right side) generate heat(5*96+24=504) that is vented by 14 OC vents(14*36=504). Each vent is cooled by component vent from all sides(4*4=16), so they can't overheat. Bottom corners have double rods that are vented by normal vents, each of them is surrounded by 2 component vents(so it's 6+2*4=14),more than enough but they don't touch heat from reactor, it also means that even if damaged, they can cool themselves by 2 every reactor tick. No diamonds used. Needs 78 plutonium(ugh).

    Every MOX using overclocked vents cools down after fuel depletion, but three visible free spots can be freely used to heat it because component heat vents don't take heat, so heating can be done without removing anything and without damaging components. Core temperature can be adjusted slowly with just single fuel rod in empty space to get as close to desired heat as possible. Thanks to this I could make 1367EU/t at 69,96%

    Hmm, is there even better EU MOX reactor than this(I mean capable of generating highest EU per reactor)? The best one I've seen had 5 quad rods I think. I wonder if someone made the same design already.