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    First :Marry Xmas

    Question : i there any wiki or info about the current version of MFFS, seems like the author is suffering from the common dev sickness of not having info on his mod available to us ?

    Why this question : I am trying to get the defence station working to kill NPC's, but fail to do so ... i have a link card inside to my capacitor, a security card and NPC kill setting, yet mobs still spawn and kill me. What am i doing wrong, what have i forgotten? (no info n the defence station, so its guesswork)

    Actually there is NO solution to make everyone happy, as long you have SMP servers.
    My main point is, ic2 inst his mod, but he still messes with it anyways. Adding a scaffold nerf without a config is solid proof of that. A mod developer should work to make something that the people like and what they enjoy, not what the developer enjoys. He is making this mod for himself more than anything else. I agree he can decide what goes into it, but he still can't put things that change other mods whenever he pleases. He shouldn't have to think about whether people will or will not take kindly to this addon messing with their other mods. Saying
    "He probably tought no one would bug him about this nerf" is no excuse for adding random things without warning. I want to play minecraft with mods like this. I did not ask to play minecraft:greg edition.

    Oh no not another one of you whiners ... please die will ya .

    messing with other recipies = bad
    ,essing with other mods and making it enforced ie no way to change = bad x 1000

    I do not see how changing existing recipes is a bad thing. Rebalancing/Increasing difficulty is THE major part of what Gregtech is all about.
    Gregorious did you a favor of allowing you to disable certain aspects of his mod through configuration, but he was certainly not required to give you that option, be glad
    that you can tweak how the mod functions. Note that some changes without configurable enable/disable switches may yet get those in later versions, whining about it will make Gregorius ignore you even further.