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    Thanks Lefty,
    ACT worked like a charm it did. Gracias amigo, me = happy
    All i need now is a way to delete all entities in the world, before i start playing (to make sure PFAA did not pop off certain BOP stuff)

    Edit: Installed OPIS -> easy to remove unwanted entities

    I don't know why those people at Bukkit (or whatever the fuck they name it) think that they can just remove things of vanilla Minecraft without causing Problems. Why do people even make Bukkit Plugins if it causes so many Problems to even have Bukkit installed, especially since Forge alone has ALL Functionality Bukkit provides. World Guard? No Problem just use Forge instead, like many Force Field Mods do successfully already. Multi World? If Mystcraft can easyly do other Dimensions using Forge, then it should work for something as simple as that too. Seriously, there is no need for Bukkit or Cauldron or whatever that is called at all.

    I mainly use cauldron/bukkit for the 'worldborders' plugin. It allows me to pregenerate all chunks in a certain radius around spawn, a functionality I could not find in vanilla or forge mods. If you know a means to do this without cauldron, I'll happily stop using it.

    Alternatively if that offends your game balance sensibilities make it a craft item, with a book, a bronze-plated quill and a bottle of refined ink or something, and put a fat sticky in the OP going "THE INGAME MANUAL IS CRAFTED LIKE THIS, READ IT OR ELSE".

    Not to mention the fact that the ingame manuals are of such poor quality (tiny, just some text probably written in 10 minutes or less) that it is beyond useless.
    You can do better GregoriusT. Documentation is as important as making the mod itself, a fact apparently only few devs get.

    That said, i have little hope for any improvement, considering GT hardly listens to anyone but himself.

    what happens when the transformer has 2 outputs ? does each output get 32EU/2Ticks ? (if 2 outputs are used). is round-robbin used between the outputs?

    I have
    So now to get drills and electric tools, we need to go to dungeons ??? really GT .... Note that of all the dungeons i have so far found, i have found not a single mangese.

    Great way to have people drop GT. (especialy on servers where the end is depleted of ores in notime)

    Couple things:
    - Can you explain the new power system? It seems to still be EU/t?
    - Why is all the cables upgraded what do I have to worry about?
    God is there a write up at all for the new IC stuff :P like what the heck is a CESU for it seems none needed lol... There is a few new machines like replicator and such :P

    Give me a rundown if anyone can! If you do I can pass it on to others!

    Mod writers are rarely any good at making documentation for the mods they make.

    You could make the differentiation on water extraction, i think.
    For example a water block harvested on the ocean biome would be "sea water", water harvested from rivers would be just "water", water from swamp would be "muddy water", water harvested deep underground would be "mineral water"...

    Yea that could work, and add nbt tags indicating its source ....

    just play IC2 401, nei and GT 4.01b and it will work

    Alas, not possible as i am using AE (applied energetics) aswell.
    IC2 401 + NEI = IC2 Recipes (in nei) are missing ingredients
    IC2 401 + NEI + AE = NEI/MC Crashes when viewing recipes containing those AE crystals (forgot the name)
    IC2 exp #20 + NEI <whatever version> = NEI crashes when opening GUI

    So basically anyone playing with GregTech together with AE is screwed. Waiting for the next IC2 experimental

    Due to the recent updates, I have to build underground, to be as efficient as possible - building above-ground requires resources, and Gregtech makes resources expensive/cuts them in half.
    I currently just make a ladder-shaft surrounded with cobbles, all the way to level 42, then at the top, place 4 slabs around the opening and a trapdoor on the opposite side of the shaft as the ladder, connected to the slab. Maybe this would be useful to the rest of you who use the Inefficiency plus mod the settings at default.

    whine whine swine ... If you so dislike Gregtech, uninstall and be done with it. :thumbdown: ... and if you do, can i have your stuff ? :D