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    You need to force buildcraft and industrial craft to load before IC2, put zz on the start of the crossover and aa in front of the rest of the build craft mods and industrialcraft, if you're using linux like me, try what was suggested for me above (i haven't tested though)

    By the looks of it you are as it looks like you are shelling into the server,
    Oh and check in the modloader config that BC and IC2 are set to "on" not "off"
    As modloader is trying to load crossover first, looks like it may be loading most recently edited first, which isn't good, but you could always edit every other mod file and try that,

    Linux and MLMP don't mix very well at the moment, but i seem to have avoided major trouble,

    Thanks man with renaming on BC zips aa and zz to the crossovermod/redpower 2 zips worked for me :thumbsup: Hope your Problem is also solved :)

    I cant use it on my Server everytime i get an error *sigh* The Clientside Mod works fine no Problems only the Serverside dont want to work. PS: Dont know how to insert the file here so i post it as a spoiler.