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    This is the Error log:

    It seems like an issue with textures, but idk what the problem is exactly as i am no java programmer.


    Put 10 Overclockers in 1 Machine


    Electrocute a Mob to Death

    Rubber Trap

    Let a Mob walk into placed Resin

    *Fun Achievements without real game sense*

    No Juice

    Put an Apple in a Compressor (or an Extractor) and wonder why you don't get Juice

    I have an idea for a 'Machine' that helps at Mining.
    It is some sort of automatic Drill Robot.
    The Crafting Recipe should be:
    :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Circuit:
    :Energy Crystal: :OD Scanner: :Diamond Drill:
    :Glass Fibre: M

    M = Minecart
    :Energy Crystal: = Lapotron
    :OD Scanner: = OV Scanner

    It should be some sort of 'Intelligent', which means that it scans, but it doesn't just output the results, but sort of evaluate them and then output them in the Chat. It should also be able to say how far the ores and stuff are. It should be able to detect structures by its characteristic Blocks. i.e a possible output might be:

    Probe Results:
    Dist. 10: Copper detected
    Dist. 35: WARNING: Natural Cobblestone detected, possible Dungeon or Lava
    Dist. 42: Iron Detected
    Dist. 56: WARNING: Air detected, possible Surface Breakthrough or Cave

    To make it not too OP it should drain like a full Lapotron each use, in which it digs 64 Blocks forward.
    It WILL return and give you the mined Blocks.