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    You, sir, are a legend. I'm having a party tomorrow night which the players of my server will be at and we'll be have a few drinks in your honour. I was working on trying to do this a bit, but with my work just didn't get the time. :(

    Thank you for saving us from a certain ASs.

    Does anyone have any idea what is causing the above or how to resolve it? I'm having the same issue and can't seem to find any response with further information sadly.

    Shoving things down self-entitled brats' throats is my specialty, i'm not insulted.

    Go beg in the original thread for someone to have code mercy on you, though, if they have seen how you behave here, i'd say your chances are nonexistant at best

    Seriously, you prove the egotistical stuck up attitude comments right with every post like this.

    Don't need to beg anyone, thanks to your source code it's rather easy to undo what you've done to advanced machines. However, unlike you, we won't take "ownership" of the idea, give full credit where it's due (even to your immature "GTFO" self). Still, using the name Advanced Machines and taking ownership of this concept is on the verge of plagiarism. You've shown total disrespect in this and taken the stance that anyone that dares disagree with you is obviously a lesser mortal and thus beneath notice. Your 3.5 "update" was an example of your excellent foresight and understanding of game balance, your machines were only a third as efficient as basic machines! Bravo!

    Really, out of respect to zip and his work, you should change the name. Refusal to do so only furthers your arrogant, disrespectful and stubborn attitude (a trend I see in quite a many "coders"). Call me when you find Moby Dick, Cap'n Ahab.

    Yea this is my only complaint. The rest of you guys why don't you just not use it? I mean pwnedgod has a working one of the original. I know AS isn't acting very nice but you don't have to bash back.

    I'd love to, only he didn't do an SMP version and I'm just darn tired of playing with myself all the time.

    Telling us not to us is a cop out. AS has taken Zip's idea, cut the nuts off it and totally warped it. All that was needed was a port to 1.71 for those of us who run servers/play SMP, not this attempt to "rebalance" or "align" the mod to a system that isn't even balanced itself (upgrades).

    But really, AS should change the name of his to AtomicStryker's Advanced Machines or Alternate Advanced Machines or something that differs it from zip's mod. AS in this has shown a major lack of respect. To zip, to the mod and largely to the community that uses that mod. Worse still, he's now claiming ownership of the mod and concept (see OP that states "i did not claim Ownership originally" note the past tense used). This isn't his idea, it wasn't his mod. And this whole "If you don't like it, STFU" mindset does nothing but hamper collective feedback. I posted a bunch of data before showing that in previous versions, these machines were borderline better than the base machines. I'd test 3.6 but why bother? AS has made it clear he wants to go his way and to hell with anyone else who might have a different opinion. All AS has done is take someone else's idea, alter it, claim it as his own and tell anyone who doesn't like it to shove it.

    As such, an op on my server is going to try to write up an SMP version of the "vanilla Advanced Machines" (for lack of a better term). I can't give a timeframe, as he's pratically learning Minecraft and the Forge and IC2 API's from scratch, but he's willing to give it a go. If anyone else feels they can do this same thing as well, I would urge them to do so. We will naturally give full credit to zip and his concept and keep to the machines that he gave us that we want back.

    Change the name.

    This is no longer Advanced Machines. You've warped the mod far beyond the original concept and scope that zip set out to do.

    Great work on insulting people. If you can't take people criticising your work on the chin, never ever ever ever publish any work you do. if you can't take community feedback on this mod, which you knew you'd get, why did you ever bother to publish it in the first place? You put all this effort into this, yet refuse to even consider a vanilla AM port. Why? Do you feel the need to FORCE upgrades on us in order to have what we once did?

    I'm not exactly the paragon of good attitudes, but yeah AS, you're not exactly winning friends and influencing people here. I gave you solid data on why your twist on this concept was redundant and made the mod at best borderline useful, but on the whole pointless. If I'm being forced to use upgrades, using them in a base machine and just making a few more is faster and just easier anyway.

    Nice twist on the additive macerating, I admit. But this makes your mod even more distant from Advanced Machines and to call it such is essentially stealing the name of the original mod people wanted.

    You are a very very bad man. Very.

    Server protection comes down to one simple rule: Don't let retards on your server.

    Any amount of software protection isn't going to be able to prevent retards from griefing and messing stuff up. You can minimise the damage, sure, but the above rule is the best policy above this.

    The Bukkit team seem to have their own ideas on how they want the API to work and from what I've seen, anyone who disagrees with them is, in their mind, wrong and has no clue. If they take community input and feedback, it could go well but I can see this blocking a lot of creativity as well.

    There were reports from people that enchantments on drills did nothing.

    (for everything else, we added proper enchantability to bronze tools and armor, and eyeball the composite vest which has diamond enchantability)

    Diamond drill enchantments work for sure, tested and confirmed about a million times over. Getting 2-4 diamonds per diamond block with a fortune enchantment is a sure sign that it works. Silk touch works fine as well. Haven't tested efficency to see the difference with or without, but having a eff 3 drill seems to take longer on obsidian than eff 4.

    I don't see how its harmful to allow people to change an option for this, however. If someone REALLY wants it, it's a simple matter of firing up NBEdit and just adding the enchantment tags anyway. Overpowered? Sure, as much as any mod might appear to a vanilla user, I know some people who think macerators and quantum armor are OP for certain. It's simply just a matter of personal choice and perspective, like people who play games with cheats/trainers/OP or god mods and people who play vanilla or mods that keep the same level of balance. I'm not sure how exactly choice harms IC2 in this regard, at least.

    I've found the best solution is to use 3.4 and just run them with no upgrades, they are pretty much what the original machines were at.

    That said, I feel that the best option would be to offer a simple port and then balance, change or develop them further under a different mod name. Regarding your comments about the IC2 devs wanting to phase out AM, cpw, to be fair this is an optional mod, optional being the key term here. AM isn't part of IC2 core nor would I think it should be, but what it does offer is CHOICE. Choice is key in this. The whole concept of modding comes down to a choice. Consider a moment if Mojang were to change Minecraft as to phase out or render mods no longer a viable option. You, and a large part of the community, no doubt would feel this an arbitrary and oppressive move and rightly so.

    Advanced machines offers a second tier to processing, one I feel that is better balanced and implemented than the horrible release of upgrades. I put my voice with the others here, again, that Advanced Machines as planned by zip was never meant to include upgrades in its scope. I'm not sure at your resistance to just release a no thrills port, Atomic, but it does feel that you're forcing your interpretation of the mod onto the community that uses it. It's a bit like trying to market Windows ME/Vista to nerds, it's not what they want and they won't have a bar of it. In this case, why develop a mod that the target group rejects and does not like?

    Pwnedgod, I did try your mod out for SMP but as stated by someone else before, the gui doesn't work correctly. Tested this on a clean server setup from scratch (no pre existing config or item issues).

    Worst comes to worst, one of the players on my server does some game coding and has knowledge of Java, not going to promise anything but if push comes to shove I'll throw this his way and see if he can come up with a working port for 1.71, no upgrades, no changes, no thrills.

    The power use isn't the main problem. it's the speed, and the fact to have the speed the old machines have, you might as well spend the ref iron used to make the advanced machine on OC upgrades and stick with the base machine, 13 OC upgrades in a base macey and you're blitzing faster than Rot. maceys ever could dream of. It sucks power, but that's more of a burst thing for a small period and you're probably already using multiple MFSU's at this point anyway. With that logic in mind, it just negates the need for the advanced machines in the form that 3.5b presents them.

    I did try the port from pwnedgod, however it does have the gui issues I believe? If I'm wrong, I'll gladly eat my words there. But this isn't really "Advanced Machines", this is pretty much it's half-brother Bort.

    Why not just allow people to make that choice, via an option in the config file? Yes, they're overpowered. So are a lot of other things. In the end, it all boils down to personal perspective, taste and choice. How is it harmful to allow the freedom to choose in this regard? The only people it affects are those who want it, so they're happy, those who don't just leave it disabled and they're happy. Win-win for all. Anything else is just enforcing personal choice on others.

    Just got home, did some testing. 8 OC upgrades on 512eu packets with 2 trans upgrades. Rot. Mace takes 35 seconds for a full stack to be processed, Macerator takes twice that. Macerator is pulling about 150-200 Eu/t at this point, Rot. Macerator showing barely any pull whatsoever. Promising yes? I upped it to 13 OC upgrades, 5 energy storage upgrades and 2 trans again for each. Barely any change in the Rot. Macerator, 30 seconds processing time for a full stack. HOWEVER, at 13 upgrades, the base Macerator still steams through a full stack in 13 seconds. It does pull an insane amount (900eu/t about) but does the job in nearly a third of the time.

    My point? If you're going to use upgrades, you might as well just invest the materials you would have in a Rot. Macerator and go for a base macerator and throw 13 OC upgrades in. You're already making 5 OC upgrades just to get the Rot. Mace back to the speed zip had it had.

    I think the point is still evident that upgrades and advanced machines just simply do not mix, it throws the equation out and you might as well just upgrade base units and save the resources you would going to invest in a Advanced machine anyway. As others have echoed, the best and most simple solution is to just leave them as they were, don't try to balance them with upgrades and keep them seperate from the whole upgrade system. As it is, this has completed turned the concept on its head and is not the Advanced Machines so many of us were hanging out for. Advanced Machines aren't overpowered, esp not in the face of the current system of upgrades. Why force people into a system that works better and scales better on the base machine anyway? If you want to push the mod further than the old concept, sure, do that. Don't call it Advanced Machines then, because this isn't that mod anymore.

    Offer a "vanilla" version, where Advanced Machines are as they were, and develop as a side the balancing with upgrades or at the very least allow people to change the base speed/power to the previous values in a configuration setting. 3.5b is better than 3.5, but it still is a very different mod to Advanced Machines. I also do think I remember reading that zip didn't want to merge upgrades in with them, but that might be just wishful thinking on my part.

    To me, the entire point of Advanced Machines was a much faster production time at greater power cost. In 3.4, if using no upgrades, essentially you have this. It's using 3.5, even without upgrades, it's just simply not worth it. As they stand now, they are a step backwards, not forwards. They stand a lot better as an alternative to upgrades, instead of trying to merge the two. That way you can just upgrade the base unit, but the power cost goes up dramatically or you can use the advanced machines which should be a set speed/power use but still a major step ahead an unupgraded base machine. I don't mind the transformer upgrades, if we can just go from 128 to 512 because I'm lazy and makes it easier than putting down MV transformers, but I don't mind giving that up for plain old advanced machines. At least then, they'd serve a purpose.

    Just to clarify, when I say set speed/power use I mean can't use upgrades. The whole spin up concept as was made perfect sense, it's exactly how RL electric dynamos work.

    AtomicStryker, what the source code says it SHOULD do is well and good. I'll test with varying amounts of OC upgrades tonight as I"m about to dash to work, but I will do an indepth analysis and post my results. I still strongly stand by my opinion that, in the current form, this mod is essentially pointless in that base machines are faster and use less power with upgrades. This might be proven wrong by my results tonight, but my gut tells me it won't be.

    I will say though, 3.4 advanced machines with no upgrades is essentially what Advanced Machines were, in regards to base speed and power use. 3.5, one word: Bleh. The issue with this is that to balance upgrades and the advanced machines and use them together will take an extensive amount of playtesting and tweaking. Essentially with 3.5, you have advanced machines that are half as fast, use more power when upgraded and to get near the speed of the old advanced machines, you need over 10 OC upgrades anyway, in which case you're burning through 1000eu/t and the base machine still clearly outclasses it in terms of speed and power use ratios with 10+ OC upgrades. But again, more details tonight.

    For someone playing a modification massively changing the feel and flow of Minecraft, you sure whine a lot about changes ;)
    I'm actively adding to this mod, allowing people to have more control over their machines. How much energy they eat in the end is a secondary concern to most, at best.

    Like I said, just personal opinion. I'm sure a lot of people probably disagree with me, and I admit I could even be wrong. I don't mind the upgrade modules at all, as opposed to when first reading about them thinking they weren't worth the time of day. I suppose what I was expecting was just Advanced Machines, working on 1.71, but then I don't have a right to expect such from someone doing it as a hobby.

    I would make one request, in that the base max speed of the machines be configurable in the config file. That way if one server/person wants them to run faster or slower, its a matter of personal taste and choice. If it's too much work/effort, totally understand, would just be a nice thing.

    EDIT: It does seem to me though, it is cheaper now to just run a macerator upgraded than a rot. macerator in turns of Eu/T to achieve the same speed. Not sure if this was intended balance wise and since it's 2am in the morning I'm falling asleep and don't have exact figures but I'll see if I can do some comparisons before I go to work tomorrow. My main concern is if it's cheaper to run a macerator at the same speed as a rot. macerator, does that make the double output (or triple for the extractor) the only tangible benefit?

    2ND EDIT: Still using 3.4, however I did a test with a macerator and a rot. mace to grind 64 charcoal, both units had 13 OC upgrades, 2 transformer upgrades (rot. mace was placed in 3.3 before 3.4 upgrade) each running on 512eu fibre with about 14 MFSU's feeding in series and 5 energy storage upgrades each.

    Macerator: 13.29 seconds, about 900eu/t power use
    Rot. Macerator: 19.95, 1300-1400eu/t power use. This was already at full speed with a redstone signal, from 0 speed it took 21 seconds, as with OC upgrades the speedup time is greatly reduced.

    As these are figures from 3.4, they obviously are now outdated. However, looking at them its clear that the Rot. Macerator has no gain at all over a standard macerator with the same upgrades, in fact it takes longer and uses almost double the power. As the notes for 3.5 read, these use even more power and the speed increase is less per upgrade as well as the base speed being lower, I can only imagine the difference between the two to be greater and in favour of a the standard macerator. With the figures above, at least in the case of the macerator, these changes have pretty much rendered Advanced Machines impotent and far behind their smaller, supposed less advanced units in regards to power efficiency, but as well as speed which was one of the key points of using Advanced Machines in my opinion.

    Sorry if this comes across as complaining, I'm just putting the facts up there now. Anyone is welcome to draw their own conclusion from this. I'll be upgrading to 3.5 tomorrow and doing this test again, as well as testing the Compressor and Extractor against their Advanced counterparts.

    3RD EDIT: Just downloaded 3.5, full stack of charcoal on rot. ace with same upgrades took in excess of 35 seconds. I couldn't measure power use, however, as with a redstone signal being fed into it it didn't appear to use any at all? But if we take the update notes into account, we are looking at extra power use on top of longer speeds. 35+ seconds as compared to 13-14 seconds, and intended to have more power use. Results with the compressor and extractors were identical with the above upgrades used.

    Base machines with 13 upgrades, 2 transformer upgrades and 5 energy storage upgrades: Approx 13 seconds to process a full stack, approx 900eu/t used.
    Advanced machines with same upgrades as above in 3.5: 35-36 seconds to process a full stack (redstone signal had machine sped up to full speed already). Cannot get reading on power use, very small amounts from 50-120 were seen pulled perodically, this is believed to be a bug as the update notes indicate energy use should be greater than seen in 3.4 with this setup.

    Conclusion: In 3.4, using the upgrades outlined above, base machines were faster on average by 6 seconds and used around 900eu/t, while Advanced Machines used 1400eu/t and took (as mentioned) 6 seconds longer. As it stood, the multiple outputs of the advanced Extractor and Macerator made them somewhat useful to use still, if only marginally. However, the Singularty Compressor has no advantage at all and is difficient in every way from the base Compressor machine making it useless.

    In 3.5, these shortcomings are made more profound. Base machines (again using the above upgrades) taking only 13 seconds on average as compared to the Advanced machines taking 35-36 seconds on average. The difference in speed seen in 3.4 is now far larger, with Advanced machines taking near triple the amount of time to process a full stack. If we take power use per upgrade to be increased further for the Advanced machines, the double amount of power used in 3.4 becomes much more in 3.5. Even with the multiple outputs, the Advanced machines are near useless in comparison. Using BC or RP pipes makes the multiple output a moot factor. In my opinion, there is no point to use an Advanced machine as it is outclassed heavily by the base units. It seems to me this "nerf stick" was applied rather like using a club instead of a scalpel, in fact rather than be nerfed, it was clear with the 3.4 results that Advanced Machines needed a boost to be rebalanced and given purpose again.

    So, yes, I'm complaining. But this time I'm complaining with a buttload of facts. Take them as you will. :) My simple advice would be to have just upgraded them as they were in 1.64 and leave them as is. Not sure if that would have required less coding, but I'd imagine it would have been the easier path than adding upgrades.

    LAST EDIT: Found another bug, put in 20 OC upgrades to see if I could abuse to near to no power use of the advanced machines in 3.5, machine refused to power on at all after that even after removing the OC upgrades and was pulling everything it could out of my MFSU's while not showing any power or processing anything at all. This was an extractor, just to be specific.

    I really appreciate the update and fixes, but to be honest, I think the nerfs and recent changes really have taken this concept far from the mod as it was before the current string of updates for it. I personally felt they were fine as was, no upgrades or speed changes. To be honest, it feels to me as if we're just getting these so watered down now that we'll just stick to the standard machines and no longer care. I do understand the need to change as IC2 changes, but the recent changes to this mod rather sadden me. This is all my personal opinion and do feel free to disregard, but I think at the end of the day people just wanted Advanced Machines, no upgrade modules or nerfs/changes. It just doesn't feel the same anymore to me.