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    I always thought that it was quite hilarious that by the time you could afford to make the fusion reactor, you didn't need to make the fusion reactor.

    This is because you tend to spend a lot of time creating renewable/easy energy sources instead of using cheap/fast energy sources, such that, by the time you can afford it, you already have a monstrous system to do the same thing. If you stuck to coal the whole time, you'd be hurting, but the reactor would be much nicer.. :)

    The current recipe is a placeholder as Greg is still working on that section. It will eventually have some other sort of recipe that is much more realistic, but it's not in yet. Historically, there have always been recipes like this in GT. You either played chunkloaded on a server, or built a massively parallel system in order to accomplish the goal in a reasonable amount of time. Back in MC 1.4.7, it was getting chrome. It took a really long time to centrifuge redstone into chrome, and *all* the end game machines required chrome machine blocks which took a lot of chrome to build. I believe I had about a dozen centrifuges doing nothing but manufacturing chrome dust from redstone. The current recipe is likely easier than what will be in the future.. Many mods have helium coming from endstone (How else do you get floating islands?), so if Greg follows suit, you may have to defeat the dragon and mine out the whole end to create your lasers.. :P

    I'm okay with long processes for end game machines. I was just wanting to make sure that the numbers were intentional.

    On a side note, I'm grateful you mentioned centrifuging redstone for chromium. I forgot that existed and missed it when looking at ways of acquiring chromium. I've been relying on ruby all this time and its been a bit rough. Thanks!

    I finally have enough tech to build a Centrifuge multiblock structure. But, I've come to an interesting speedbump: Neon Helium. Is there truly no other way to get neon other than the 1L from centrifuging Compressed Air Cans? This is quite the lengthy process as you only get 1L per can and I need 1L per Laser Emitter, which is then 8L to make the centrifuge. That's 8000 air cans. Right now, I'm chewing through them at 3.5 seconds per can, which is about 8 hours of game time, but I've tweaked config files for faster/shorter processing times. This seems a bit extreme. Is this intentional?


    I think the choice of 144 has something to do with it being the LCM of 16 and 9 (9 so that nuggets can also be melted; I'm having a harder time figuring out the need for it to be a multiple of 16 - maybe something to do with glass panes or iron bars)

    1/9 for tiny dusts, 1/72 for micro dust, 1/144 for half that to allow for 1 iron and 1 tin micro dust each to make 1/72 of the resulting tin alloy. This is why when you mix you get 2L of the needed 144L (1/72 of the total to make an ingot). I'm assuming this is the reasoning.

    Many other mods that use molten metals (Tinker's construct comes to mind), has 1 bucket / 1 ingot equal to 144 units. I'm not really sure where that measurement came into being, but other mods do use it. It may come into play if you are trying to use molten metals from different mods, but as long as 1 ingot + 1 ingot = 2 ingots, I'm good with that. Besides, if you are using Gregtech, you aren't likely to use other mods for your ore processing (since for the most part, you can't), so I don't see it being too big a deal.

    I think he was referencing metals in Gregtech specifically.

    other metals mix at 144L? I am pretty sure I made it 1L of Fluid per Unit in the Mixer. If that is required to be faster then use the Crucible to mix Alloys. As for the cooling down, nope not possible to be done faster yet.

    I'm thinking of the Rutile + Sodium, which takes one cycle to mix and thus an output of 144L/ingot. On that note, can we get a mixer recipe for the Tungsten Carbide (1 carbon dust + molten Tungsten).

    I'm all for some sort of super soaker hose that you can just dowse the mold with water. :P

    So, I set this up and holy sweet mother of god, its awesome. I setup a barrel for every dust I use and then a hopper on them to output the specific amount that an electrolyzer/centrifuge would accept. Automated processing complete!!!!

    On another note, I'm looking to have a mold yank molten metals from an adjacent crucible based on redstone signal. Everything looks okay to me, but the mold is saying it has no direction selected. How do I select a direction?

    Thank you again!

    Dust Funnel, also best combind with a Filter and a GT Hopper set to emit certain Stacksizes.

    This method makes a lot of sense and is fairly simple (albeit a big system to work with all types). I'll have to play around with this. Thank you!!

    I made a post addressing one possible solution to this a couple days ago, but I can more explicitly explain a basic setup.

    Place an item barrel (or mass storage) and add to it the "final" size you want, such as a full dust, ingots, etc. Placing that item sets the "goal" for the barrel. Now the barrel will automatically accept units that can be factored into that registered size and stack them into units of that size whenever it is fed enough. Next connect a hopper to the barrel and add your smaller dusts.

    Obviously 1/9 dusts won't stack into ingots, and nuggets won't stack into full dust.

    I didn't even realize these item barrels existed. HOLY SHIZEN, they are amazing. Since I don't use nuggets and I store everything in dusts and make ingots as needed, this will likely help a lot!

    Thank you both for the help here.

    Is there an automated way of changing 1/72 and tiny (1/9) dusts into standard dusts? I process ALOT of materials and doing this by hand would take longer than the time it takes to create the mini dusts in the first place. Currently, I'm using the autopackager and it is causing serious lag spikes every time it scans the adjacent chests.

    I know of the compactor mod from BDew, but it doesn't do the 3x3 hollow. There is the dust funnel, but that still seems to require user input. Any other suggestions?


    Hopefully an easy/quick question: NEI indicates you can use a "sharpener" machine to craft/sharpen arrow heads and such for 16 GU/t. Am I correct in that there is a machine and, if so, what is the name of the machine? For the life of me, I can't find it in NEI... :( I've only found the grindstone.

    So, I've been trying to change some of the recipes in the config folder for power demands and it seems the different machines are not listing all possible recipes in their respective config files. The most notable one is the Crusher file, which doesn't list any of the ores to modify. I have attached my crusher config file for reference (and renamed it to a .txt for upload purposes).

    Is there some sort of command to force the game to dump all the recipes to the file or is this intentional?

    Thank you!


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