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    Ok, since I don't know what Hadaniel's exact error is, I'm going to walk you through it ;)

    1. Only install Forge (assume you know how to do that):
    2. Start Minecraft, and verify that Forge works.
    2. Download IC2, and place it in the mods folder unchanged (delete all other mods first, to verify that other mods aren't causing the problems).
    4. Start Minecraft. If IC2 doesn't display, look at ForgeModLoader-Client-0.log inside .minecraft for any suspicious stuff. See if Forge even recognizes IC2.
    5. If you suspect an error, post it in Support.

    I've been using forge quite a long time; Checked version thrice before posting error, checked it to be working, downloaded IC2 as said, error is not caused by any other mod [note : there IS no error, IC is just not visible or usabe]. Forge does not recognize IC2, only suspicious thing is that it 'cannot access IC2 files' as if file was corrupted, but redownloading IC2 does nothing to fix it.

    Appologies for sounding retarded, or just plain stupid but I can't seem to get IndustrialCraft 2 [beta version] to load. While minecraft is loading fine it doesn't run with IC2; Any mods requiring IC2 give 'not found' error as well; using 1.4.6 MC version and Forge version MCP of 7.25 and FML of Does anyone have possible solutions for this error ? I found similar problem way back, but it was error based on version mismatch.

    Apparently majority of addons are now getting to be compatible with 1.81, therefore I believe IC2 will either skip 1.2.4 at all before 1.3.x line or will be incredibly delayed. Would you mind my suggestion to make it 1.2.3 compatible, as differences between 1.2.3 and 1.2.4 should be minimal to fix, also I must admit it's a bit selfish, as I'm SMP server operator, and my members are urging me to upgrade server ASAP, and your addon is what limits us currently from doing so :) Also I haven't seen many mods in main boards to move to 1.2.4 at all, as example I will put Laser Mod, Railcraft, Forestry, Buildcraft, RedPower or Computer Craft.

    Due to that I also suspect 1.2.3 version with might be mostly compatible with 1.2.4 with only modloader series [and forge if at all] upgraded to 1.2.4

    I think I might be able to rebuild it basing on original concept for IC2, though I am afraid I will need someone to tell me precisely what items were there [I know about generators, basic storage and wiring] but I'm afraid I'll be in need of someone getting me direct amounts original mod had [and if possible recipes as well, with additional materials included] Unfortunatelly original board is offline, so I am afraid I cannot just get to that forums and just reengineer it from there.