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    Yeahr, nice to see this post here!
    And thanks of course for beeing a part of the credits :D

    But Shoe! I already said that it is a minor "n" ^^

    Very nice to see the progress, unfortunately I nearly stopped playing MC completely...

    I really have to agree with ANATOMICA_3rd!

    I played on this server a few moths ago and the first thing i got was a bored admin getting on my nerves!!!
    He placed bedrock on my solarpanels and killed me with a arrow spitting dog! This isn't a professinal server! Only bored kiddies i guess...

    Maybe i should mention that the server isn't running IC2 1.90 (as shown on the WikiPage), only 1.81 because it is using bukkit to have more toys for bored admins!

    Just another opinion of a former player.


    It would be awesome to get your official permission for using / editing and updating your IC2 textures for the Soartex Fanver Project!
    Of course a place in the credits is already saved for you!
    You are the founder of the greatest IC2 Texurepack. in my opinion, and your awesome work definately have to be shared!

    By the way ... the SoartexFanver Texture Project has it's own FORUM

    Indeed, they also worked fine on my server...only the NanoSaber :Nano Saber: was handled like a Pickaxe...

    So guys, let's do this :thumbup:

    I already found a Bikkit plugin called EnchantMore, but this isn't compatible with the EnchantmentTable, you have to use commands :wacko:

    There is still ONE BIG question,WHY were the Enchantments removed?