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    For the same amount of energy you'd need for example: 8 towers, 13 layers each, fibre cable inside them, spaced 6 blocks between cables and built from the top of the world. It's just a question if you prefer large, flat solar arrays or tall windmill towers :)

    Or both :p there is only 20 blocks without sun on the tower area, this mean you can hit more than 512 eu/s during the day and 350-400 during the night with a tower of 17x17. where you need a 23x23 area with full solar for 512 at day and 0 at night.

    and yes, this is uselless unless you want a huge uu matter production or powering an entire town in smp ^^

    you can't say that. Landon is a very good admin. Invention craft is a fully protected server against griefers, if someone steal or break you something there is a specific player rollback for you and the thief/griefer is banned. EVEN if you are NOT a donor, EVEN if you didn't had iconomy money enough to protect your area, EVEN if you forgot to lock you doors with lwc. and you don't have to wait more than one day because the admin is very active and he's always fair and careful of our claims.

    In addition, donations only give handy perks and more areas but the system is fair enough to let you enjoy the game without paying anything and you don't feel disadvantaged (all players have one 32x32 area that they can protect with a plugin you just need some iconomy money and it's dropping on mobs, also there is no restriction of any sort regarding the features of the mods (bc/ic/rp)).

    finally, the community is just great.

    if you are trolling about this server it's probably because you get banned for stealing/griefing. everything you said is just lies.

    Hello guys,

    i have created an Excel Spreadsheet to calculate how many energy can produce a windmill farm.

    So here is the hypothesis :

    - The tower is made of 8 stack of wind mills. far enought from each other to not interact with the nearby stacks.
    - Each stack is a straight cable pointing to sky, and leaving at least 2 cables under the last wind mill with nothing on it.
    -the first layer of each stack always start at the layer 128.

    -top view of a stack

    ....:Wind Mill:
    :Wind Mill: :Cable: :Wind Mill:
    ....:Wind Mill:

    -Side view of a stack (for exemple a stack with 3 layers, it can be more or less, that's the point of the calculation ....)

    :Wind Mill::Wind Mill::Wind Mill:
    :Wind Mill::Wind Mill::Wind Mill:
    :Wind Mill::Wind Mill::Wind Mill:

    and now here are the maths : for exemple a stack of 15 layers of windmills

    explanations of how it works.

    layer wind mill : this is the Y position of a layers of wind mill
    wm above : the amount of windmills above the concerned layer in a max range of 4 block according to the behavior of the wind mill.
    wm under : idem, but range max 2b and we must count the 2 cables at least if = 0.
    obstruc : the amount of obstructions. 4 for the layers itself (the windmill isn't a obstruction for itself and i count the center cable). 5 obstruc for each layers above or under the concerned layers. and eventually the minimum of 2 blocks of cable under the stack.
    energy (for ONE layer and for one day/night cycle) : 250*4*(layer-obtructions)
    total : total of all the layers.
    "for tower ub eu/s" typo fail here. i mean the total in eu/s for 8 stacks. so (total*8 )/24000

    e.g. for a layers .

    layer 125 as 3 layers of mills above (126,127,128 ) and 2 layers of mill under (125,124) so the amount of obstruction is : 5+5+5+4+5+5 = 29 obstructions.

    energy outut for this layers is 4*250*(125-29) = 96keu for one day. (so 1eu/s for each mill (96k/(4*24000), still logical). (IT'S OVER NINE THOUSANNND)

    Infine, this post has 2 purpose. checking the calculation and sharing the idea. so what do you think of this ? :)

    here is my base (without TMI usage)

    -cactus farm (448 cactus, feeding a recycler with an almost non-stop flow of cactus).

    -cobblestone fontain, i didn't find an efficient way to make it works automaticly :/ with some lasers mining i need 3-4 minutes to fill an little chest and then 4 recyclers turn them into scrap in 20 minutes.

    -128 eu solar farm, i need a new power grid with msfu now, i'm working on it ^^


    And as you can see at 6:33 that there are some still hanging on the dirt this is the loss which cannot be automatically collected
    yes i already have an automated reed farm design myself but for stuff to burn in generators cactus is much more efficient both in space and in resource use and efficiency perspective

    i have another problem with my cactus farm too, sometimes cactus are poping on the top of theirselves. and when a free block is near from a cactus it destroy it :(

    do you know how to avoid that ?


    i have a little problem with the quantum armor. as the title say, i'm using an Azerty keyboard. So my key go forward is "Z", not "W".

    when i want to run with the super speed i press LCTRL + Z and it don't work. if i press LCTRL + W + Z , or if i bind forward to W it does ... but it's pretty annoying ><.

    i can change my keyboard to qwerty with the ALT+SHIFT commande aswell, this is not a problem in SSP but that's also not handy when you have to write in SMP.

    it's not a major bug btw but it should be nice if you consider it :)

    yep i understand what you mean, i think.

    So my system is screwed when you machines call for more than 75% of the energy input. well for example if you have 50 solar panel (let's say there is no loss due to the distance) if my machines call more than 37.5 they will alternativly go on and off. And if my machines call for 50 eu/s they will have an uptime of 75%.

    So this structure don't just redirect the overflow to the mass fabricator. In fact it allow 75% priority to the main branch and redirect the rest to the second branch. while it still redirect the overflow when you are in this 75/25 ratio.

    there is probably a way to change this ratio, by using more branchs but meh it becomes complicated and i don't want to have an headache xD

    i'm not sure of what i'm saying but i think i'm near the reality. what do you think of this ?

    sorry for my bad english, btw :p

    i've made some tests and with a farm of 64 cactus i get 1 cactus every 25 sec. and i need 1,23 sec to burn a cactus in a generator.

    this mean i'll need 25/1.23= 20,32 time more cactus to have a constant 5 eu/s from my generator.

    20,32x64 = 1300 cactus.

    nvm, i prefer use this time to find some iron and turn it into 10 solar panel (1 eu/t during day so 0.5eu/t average = 5 eu/s) . sometimes in one trip to the layer 13 i come back with 40 iron ore, just enought to craft my panels and i even have a chance to find some diamonds or other valuables ressources. and i didn't lost my time to build a gigantic and ugly cobblestone building :x

    however i have a cactus farm too, but i found better to turn cactus into scraps and feed a matter generator with pipes from buildcraft ^^. it don't give me enought scraps to feed my matter generator plugged to 60 solar panels but it still better than nothing when i run out of cobble/dirt/gravels to recycle


    The problem of the mass fabricator is it will suck all the energy out of your power grid. So you can't use your machines anymores.

    here is a little circuit that give to the mass fabricator only the surplus of energy.

    your need to use some mfe or mfs, depending of your production capacity and adapt transformers as well to not vaporize your base. if your production is less than 128 eus mfes are just fine.

    -> you supply two mfe in a parallel circuit, the second is redstoned. so he will only output his energy if he's full.
    -> the first mfe supply the second one and the third as well
    -> the output of the redstoned mfe is splitted. one branch supply the mass fabricator, the other feed the third mfe.
    -> the third mfe feed your machines and uses the energy of the first and the second mfe. it mean if your machines use more than your power source, your mass fabricator will stop working.

    what do you think of this ? i just tested it, it's works like a charm but it's a bit expensive. a 128eu/s is do-able. but the mfs setup will be very expensive :/ did you find a better (cheaper?) way to use a high energy input without any waste ?

    there is an other problem, you need to fill complety the redstoned mfe before you can do anything with your power gris. Again, it's easy with a cheap setup but pain in the *** with the huge capacity of the mfs units ...


    if it can help you i made some tests :

    -> i have a RE battery in my inventory
    -> i have a no diamond minig drill
    -> and nothing else, just craps like dirt and cobble.
    -> i crafted it, no TMI.

    what i did for the first try

    1) with an almost discharged (0.5% i guess) re battery and an almost discharged mining drill i can still mine at full speed.

    2) i take a very little charge un my re battery, by putting it in a bat-box and immediatly remove it.

    3) i take the battery in hands and spam right-click, this time the battery is totally discharged (no durability bar)

    4) the mining drill now working properly (by hand mining speed when depleted).

    then, i tried this a large amount of times, sometimes, durability bars of mining drill/battery dissapear. sometimes not, when it happens for mining drill you can mine an inifiite amount of block a full speed while the durabitlity bar is at 1% or less i don't know the exact amount of energy.

    you can probably hotfix this by limiting the working range of all tools to ~2% -> 100% what do you think of that ? 2% or the equivalent in energy of 2 or 3 actions (let say one mined block = 200eu, so if you have 300eu in your drill it won't work). isn't so bad and it's realistic. irl, old batteries already have a little charge but you aren't able to make something work with that.

    e.g a new AA - battery shows 1.6+V with a voltmeter. (isn't realy the charge in A/h but well, it's usualy scale with.) a old battery show for exemple 1.4 volt, it mean there is still a little charge, too little to power properly any hardware.

    ps : sorry for my bad english and multiples edit.