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    Currently I have a Nuke plant setup with 4 generators. Each generators
    have 6 cores attached, Within Each one they are configured to run with 8
    cells and they cycle so their is all ways two on. For a total
    generation of 320 eu/tick.

    Here is the setup


    Currently my factory and mining operation with lights are draining almost at a equal rate.

    the cool down I thought I could breed some cells by replacing the
    empties with near depleted boosting it to almost 400 eu/tick...

    If I place it right after the first cycle and configure it like this

    that work correctly?... The thought is that the switch to breeder cycle
    will enable it to absorb the heat it is currently at. Currently I have
    about 1 stack of uranium bars. They are replenishing about at half my
    rate of consumption so I need to start breeding it.

    Back to my breeder plan....

    So I have been mining with :Sticky Dynamite: creating 3x3 tunnels with a :Diamond Drill: at layer 8, 12, and 18. With 2 block spaces between each to achive a 100% :Industrial Diamond: recovery rate.

    Well I had my fun now I want to start a 100% chunk recovery of water, lava, and all other things valuable. So using the best possible minners (I plan on using 4 auto miners), I will be drilling in a in the highest possible patern 9x9 per minner. My main problem with this is I keep loosing mining pipes, about 3-5 per full extraction operation. Does anybody else have this problem?

    Would it be better if I use chests next to the miners, do they grab mining pipes? Anyways back to my server to see if it works.

    Also not releated to IC, does anybody have problems getting music boxes to work, I've almost collected all the disks on my server but Half the time I can't get them to play.

    "Mod Initialized: mod_MinecraftForge" So I am on that one... go figure lol.

    However I just finished updating all my clients and servers to 1.71 with new dl's fresh jars and no problems yet. I was able to eqp the lappack and batpack now. Im not to sure what it was but its past now updating seemed to fix it.

    Issue resolved, reason not found....

    I've done both. I've coppied the whole .minecraft folder and I've deleted it and started a full install of minecraft and fresh downloads of each mod IC2, ML, MLMP, and MCF. The game works fine until you eqp the Batpack or Lappack (haven't tried Jetpack). Im asuming its a windows thing.

    The comptuers that are fine are windows XP, good ol trusty. The one that is faulty is Windows 7. I'm going to upgrade my server to 1.71 today and see if that fixes the issue.

    I've got 4 computers running IC2 and thats it no other mods besides the forge, ML and MPL.

    One of them is a laptop. It goes black screen when I equip a batpack or lappack (the cfpack is fine).

    I feel like a idiot It does not crash on any other computer, I've installed them all the same I thought.. I was thinking it was my java....


    I updated the error code now to include the error report now. I did a reinstall of MC, then I added ML, MLMP, MCF, and then IC2... same error. I'll keep troubleshooting and let you know if I figure it out. Also I updated my java again, so I'm on the most recent version of Java.