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    Well I guess today's your lucky day.

    Hi there, I'm couchguy987, an admin on Axis Mundi, a public tekkit server.

    Read through this thread to get a general idea of how many solar panels people tend to have:

    We're preparing for the tekkit 2.0 upgrade.

    Also of note, we have a limitation of a max of 18 solar panels per person, due to lag.

    Another thought, I like Alblaka's idea of having flat panels as addons to the first solar panel.

    I just had another idea that might be worth consideration. You may know how in Railcraft, they have the coke oven, which is composed of 26 coke oven bricks arranged in a cube, with the central block empty.

    The coke oven has to be properly assembled in order for the game to recognize it as a coke oven, and allow the user to right click it and open up the machine gui.

    Well, what if you could arrange individual solar panels (9) in a 3x3 grid, and if they are arranged as such, they then count as an LV array, and only the middle block is checked for access to sunlight.

    And then, if you arrange 9 LV's in a 3x3 grid (this ends up being 9x9 of individual solar panels), it becomes an "MV" array, and likewise, only the middle block out of all of them is checked for access to sunlight.

    Further, in this arrangement, current would only run from that central block, negating the need for lots of tin wire to connect them.

    The HV array would furthermore be 9 MV Arrays arranged in a 27x27 grid.

    And another idea to balance this in terms of preventing people from having their entire solar array except for 1 block without access to sunlight, set it up so that there's a check whenever a user attempts to place a solar array, to ensure that there are no blocks except for glass blocks above it, and vice-versa, whenever a user tries to place a block besides glass above a solar panel, and prevent the user from placing the solar panel under a non-glass block, or placing a non-glass block above a solar panel.