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    As for the Q/A thingy, I will do 1.7.10 for a year or two (maybe longer if finishing GT6 takes a while), and then I will leave MC to make my own Game (still maintaining my Mod once a week or month or so, so only a 99% leave).

    As i was questioning here i didn't thought that the great Greg himself would answer it 8|
    Thanks for your great mod! Its the major thing that makes Minecraft to this awesome game.
    I'm looking forward to your own game!

    I'm not a native english speaker (Obvious). Is this conclusion correct?:
    You will develop Gregtech for 1.7.10 for another year or two, until Gregtech 6 finishes, which is also for Version 1.7.10?

    Thanks for your time, and for the great gameplay :)
    I'm looking forward too my 4th Fusionreaktor :thumbsup:

    Hello :)

    I've heard some rumors about Gregtech 6 beeing developed for Minecraft 1.1. is this correct? IF Yes where can i read about it? because i found this in the Q/A from Greg himself:

    Will 1.7.10 will be the last Gregversion or did he changed his mind?