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    Alright, people. This thread has been hijacked enough. I suggest we all stop discussing the old machines, and when/if somebody does a direct port if the old version they can make a new topic for it. This is obviously no longer the place for discussion of Advanced Machines.

    Very nice update. Additive macerating is a simple but brilliant idea. Well done. I may have switched over to this version because of this update if you hadn't immediately followed up by insulting a large portion of your potential userbase. Adding cool stuff like this is how you bring people over to your vision of the mod, not calling them whiners and saying they don't deserve it because they wanted a choice.

    As I said in my first post in this thread, I appreciate the time, effort, and skill it takes to code something like this. I'm all for this version of advanced machines, and I'm sure there are people who find it more important than I do to keep things close to core IC2 methodology. Me, I use the electric fishing pole, I use EE to build broken CASUC reactors, and I prefer the old advanced machines. With all due respect, I don't really care what the IC2 devs want their mod to be, but I praise them for building an API and allowing this to even be an option. Again, it's all about freedom of choice.

    The upgraders were the way IC2 wanted to replace these machines. Can you not all see that?

    Then let the IC2 developers do it their way, and have an addon to do it the other way. That's the whole point of addons. We're not even asking that this current version be completely scrapped, we just want the option. If it was so important to the IC2 devs to keep things exactly as they want them, this forum wouldn't even exist. It's about choice, and the new version of this mod leaves us without the option to use the machines we've all become used to. Cater to the audience, not of the developers.

    You disregard where their development is pointing to, i expect the Induction Furnace to either be removed or changed completely in the next patches. Then it will probably become part of Advanced Machines instead.

    My main issue is that currently the advanced machines and induction furnace are so different, so I'm avoiding this update for now. Based on what you say though, I'll have no issues in the near future, and will definitely use this if the induction furnace comes with it.

    Just want to give my two cents, and please don't take the criticism as anything but constructive. I appreciate the skill and effort that goes into these things.

    Advanced Machines was first created based on a simple concept: Make a macerator, compressor, and extractor equivalent to the induction furnace. Your update has strayed from this simple concept, and I don't see why you or anyone would think that these need updgrade slots when the induction furnace lacks them, especially considering it seems you had to change some of the base properties to make it work. All that should be done, in my opinion, is to take the attributes of the induction furnace (acceleration based on usage and/or redstone current, additional output slots, power usage stats, etc.) and apply them to the other three machines. Nothing more, nothing less. It's feels like you're trying too hard to make these machines fit in with the upgrade standard, forgetting that the induction furnace is a part of standard IC² and provides a perfect template for this addon.

    That said, I do like the idea of overclockers affecting acceleration rather than speed, and transformer upgrades can be useful. However, I don't want to use a version of Advanced Machines that makes them different from the induction furnace. It makes it obvious that this is an addon, no longer a seamless integration into the base mod. While I would prefer that the induction furnace be used as a template for the new machines, I wouldn't mind a version that mods the induction furnace to match the new properties. I appreciate the work that was put into this, but I feel like it's taken a step in the wrong direction.