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    1. Spend the first day collecting wood, and apples
    2. Spend the first night building a basic cave (I generally just go for spawn point, this is temporary), then build a ladder down, get some basic ore and redstone; I usually mine between height 12 and 15, for diamonds and lapis lazuli
    3. When the day comes, search for a rubber tree, get saplings, plant them near the cave
    4. Spend the few following days searching for food (kill animals, grow wheat, whatever you can find) and the nights digging for more ore
    5. When you have enough resources (iron, tin, copper, redstone, resin), build a generator and a macerator (optimizing iron ore), then use the macerator to double your ore; use charcoal to power it, not natural coal
    6. Build an extractor to get more rubber from resin
    7. Build a batbox to buffer energy for the machines
    8. Get some diamonds and make yourself a diamond drill with a batpack // build a geothermic generator, get some lava stock (pile of 64 is usually enough)
    (Somewhere between 8 and 12: find a good spot for your final base, move everything)
    9. Mine some more and build a passive power source (not water - inefficient); I find windmills to be much more effective than solar panels
    10. Build an MFE, nano armor, go to the nether and quickly get some glowstone dust (have an enchanted bow - Power I is enough to one-shot ghasts)
    11. Build a mining laser, nano saber, electric jetpack
    12. Build a mass fabricator, route the excess power to it; use the blobs to create missing resources
    13. Build an MFSU, quantum armor, a lappack, return to the nether to search for blazes and die falling in a lava lake because of lag
    14. Ragequit like everyone else, go back to playing monopoly with your little sister

    After some more testing, it seems that each block of water can only be used by one water mill. The best placement I've found is this:

    2. XXXX XXXX
    3. XXXX W XXXX
    4. X | X
    5. X W--B--W X
    6. X | X
    7. XXXX W XXXX
    8. XXXX XXXX

    B = batbox, W = water mill, - = cable
    This can be repeated vertically (leave two spaces of water) indefinitely.

    The EU reader is buggy (I read somewhere it was linked with varying sources like wind and water mills).
    The water mill produces 0.01 EU/t per adjacent water tile, as the wiki says. I tested with one water mill linked to a batbox: this works.

    I support the question about the "no longer works" thing though. I tried, and I get much much lower lower results than what was expected. What's going on? Is it a bug or a feature?

    I have an underwater secret base and I can't use windmills (too deep) or solar panels (water blocks the sun). All that's left is lava/coal (boring) or nuclear power (low yields, even more boring and extremely expensive to build...)