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    Well, I was thinking it could vary in size. Like, you could make it bigger for a faster Antimatter production, but it would at least be a square-shaped tube (3x3x3 size) and minimum length would be a 3x3 square, if that makes any sense.

    I'm new here, so don't yell at me for doing things wrong.

    So, I had this neat idea for an addon to IC2 but I can't program because I suck at it, but I really like making textures, so I need a programmer or someone who can actually make the mod work.

    This addon revolves around nuclear safety and expanding the nuclear portion.

    To sum up the mod's first-tier things are:

    New ores:
    Zirconium (Green-yellow), Hafnium(Orange-yellow), and Sodium(blue-grey). I know these aren't the real-life colors, but I don't want a boring and bland mine.
    Basic machines/multiblock machines:
    particle accelerators that are huge multi-block tracks that can produce Antimatter.
    This is done by putting hydrogen into the source block and fuleing with quite a lot of energy
    Hydrogen extractors (can extract from water) to extract hydrogen
    Colliders that can fuse 2 hydrogen into deuterium, and 3 hydrogen into tritium
    Deuterium can be infused into water to create D20, which instead of coolant, can be cheaper and more efficient at cooling nuclear reactors. Deuterium cells also can be made
    Tritium is used for the coolant of the new type of nuclear reactor called a Fusion reactor.

    Fusion Reactor:
    instead of using advanced metal alloys and basic scaffolding as protection, you use various assortments of the 3 new ores.

    Sodium is mainly used in the main reactor core and as a Control Rod
    Hafnium and Zirconium are used to make the frames and wiring (although :Copper Ore: and :Tin Ore: are still used).
    The core and reactor components are set up in a 3x3x3 cube, fully surrounded (even the top) by the T20 (Tritium infused water)
    This produces almost 3x more energy than a normal nuclear reactor. However, it is significantly more dangerous and needs much safety.

    New "absorbent blocks that can absorb lots of the radioactive material spit out by the reactor (mainly made of sand and lead)
    New more high-tech monitoring system
    Lots of more protective gear (Tier II Hazmat suit, full suit)
    A system that can auto-insert T20 cells into the reactor

    Now, what does Antimatter do?

    It is used in explosives that can explode a large amount
    It is used in Fusion Reactors as the main fuel (instead of Uranium)

    This is all I have so far, and I'd like some opinions and whatnot to help refine this addon :)