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    Okay, quick status update. Minecraft updated to 1.2.4 the same day as my previous post, so I've been debating skipping 1.81 and jumping to 1.82 or whatever the 1.2.4-supporting version is. MCP isn't quite up-to-date for 1.2.4 just yet, but there's a prerelease available if you hunt for it, so they're getting close. I'm torn, though, because it's not done yet, and I'm not sure how long the new IC2 version will take once it is. If it's only going to be a few days, I'd rather not take the time to support a short-lived IC2 release. It it takes more than that, though, I'd rather have a version of SeedManager for 1.81 to bridge the gap. As is, I'll probably wait a couple days and see if there's an official 1.2.4 MCP, and if not, go ahead and update to 1.81. Which is going to suck, because I don't have a 1.2.3 setup and getting all the stuff I need is trickier now that we're on 1.2.4.

    I hate having to deal with multiple release schedules that aren't even slightly coordinated. Especially since doing so creates another one for anyone who's using my stuff. What a mess.

    Hydration appears to be broken, I believe this is a problem with IC2, not AgriculturePlus.

    It's both hydration and nutrient storage. Essentially, there's a bug in the code where high values of either will "wrap around" and become negative. Hydration cells always trip this, and about half of all attempts to fertilize will trip it as well. Starting from virgin soil, fertilizing once is fine, but a second time trips the bug. The full spoiler-y details are in my bug report.

    I just have to try figuring out if I can hook into the canner for refilling, working on decompiling IC2 now (hinthint, would be nice to add to the API xP)

    Doesn't look to be very doable. The canning machine's operations are hardcoded, so you'd need to overwrite the class. More trouble than it's worth, I'm afraid.

    The key difference there is that a Buildcraft blueprint is nothing more than its name; you still have to provide the raw materials yourself. IC2 seed bags are valuable items, because you can't just "assemble" a given seed from raw materials. Transferring a 31/31/7 seed into another world is more akin to giving yourself a diamond there than pulling out a blueprint.

    Okay, the new version should work with ID Resolver now. I removed the Forge cleverness and moreover changed the recipes to use the block ID it actually finishes with rather than the one it was configured to use. Let me know if you encounter any issues.


    Also it does wwork with id resolver, just have to Force Overwrite the seed item thingy, and for now till you fix it needs to be set to id 190.

    Hmm, didn't even know that ID resolver paid attention to item IDs. In any case, yes, you should tell it to clobber the item ID. That's how the tooltips work: I'm overwriting the Seed Bag item with a subclass that adds more information. So that conflict is not only expected but eagerly anticipated, because it makes things better.

    Heh, thanks. It may be a race of one, but at least I'm in first place!

    I just pushed a small update to all of my CropCards so that they actually generate the config file for you to edit. Editing it would have worked just fine before, but it wasn't actually creating a default one for you to modify.

    If you're looking for a short-term fix, try it with a non-IDresolver .jar. A friend of mine pointed out that a few other mods have a history of breaking with IDresolver. Specifically, he suggested that IDresolver is reserving *all* of the IDs, causing Forge to search all the way up to 255 and error out, whereupon ID Resolver thinks I requested ID 255. This seems extremely likely, given the symptom.

    I'll still be implementing the fix tomorrow. Even without the IDResolver conflict, the fact that Forge is willing to overwrite the value in the config file silently (leading to the "config file keeps resetting" issue) is Not Good.

    And is there a reason why all your crop card addons include .java and .class files?

    As with all my mods, the source is included in the archive.

    .class is the files Minecraft runs. .java is the source code. They are present in this one as well, and completely ignored by Java while running; it's just there so you can build your own version if you choose. The CropCard addons are pretty easy to build; you'll need MCP+ML+MLMP+Forge and the IC2 API. This one, as mentioned, is much harder, because it needs to build against IC2 proper, not just the API.

    The reason for this is because I'm a staunch proponent of open source, which this is in the original meaning of the term: The source is available, with no license beyond its innate copyright. If you want to do something with it beyond build a custom copy for yourself, just ask; I'll probably say yes. I expect to slap an MIT license on it later, making it proper FLOSS in the modern sense, but for now, ordinary copyright suits my purposes just fine.


    You have no idea how useful this it :D

    Oh, yes I do! Why do you think I wrote it? I've only just started using it in my own legit world since the release. I hadn't done any serious cropwork since my previous world, where I had seed levels up to (as I recall) 86. Trust me, you don't do that much vanilla IC2 agriculture without developing an extreme dislike of the Cropnalyzer.

    Despite writing the recipes myself, it was still a bit of a shock to realize just how much stuff goes into a library+analyzer pair. Among other bits, it takes 5 E-circuits, one of them advanced. Six if you want a handheld Cropnalyzer to remind you what your placed plants have. And I'm short on copper, because I'm still trying to make a RocketScience fusion reactor while also making Forestry machines! Rubber's not hard; the one bit of agriculture I did have was a basic stickreed farm.

    Still, I'm pretty happy with the overall resource requirement. This stuff is powerful, so it should be expensive to match. I just hadn't quite realized how expensive.

    It's working properly for me, and the code looks right as well. At a guess, you've got something at block 190 already and Forge is being too clever for its own good in trying to find a free spot. I'll switch to a less-"clever" method tomorrow. There'll be a bugfix for the crops them, too, as I've just noticed they don't save their config at all. :whistling: I'd do it all now, because it's really easy, but I'm in no condition to code at the moment. So yeah, anyone who's having problems, check back tomorrow for a fix.

    This mod is now maintained by Zuxelus here: [1.7.10] Ztech - Collection of Addons
    (The tongue-in-cheek narrative description of SeedManager has moved here as I had hit the post size limit. It's slightly out of date, but still just as amusing as always.)

    SeedManager is an IC2 addon that makes analyzing, storing, sorting, and finding your seeds much easier. It consists of two machines, the Seed Analyzer and the Seed Library.

    The Seed Analyzer is a standard tier 1 machine for analyzing seeds. At its default 5 EU/t, it uses half the energy of the Cropnalyzer, but requires significant time to work. When given a redstone signal, it enters automatic mode, repeatedly processing each seed until it's fully researched and making use of adjacent Seed Libraries.

    The Seed Library is a low-power machine, using just 1 EU/t. It maintains an unlimited inventory of seeds which can be searched through to find exactly the seeds you want. It is buildcraft-compatible and allows you to set an export filter for each of the six directions; simply left-click one of the six letter buttons to load that direction's filter and right-click to save it. Please note: This uses the Buildcraft API directly. Other piping systems (e.g. RedPower) will most likely only see the 9 normal item slots.

    Finally, the standard IC2 seed bag has been upgraded to show the "Level" (AKA total statistics) of fully-researched seeds, and to add seeds to creative inventory.

    As with all my mods, the source is included in the archive. It compiles quite happily with mcp_deobfuscate and mcp_interface. I'm working on getting both integrated into MCP, so if you're patient, it will be very easy after then. They should be included in MCP before Christmas. (Of course, Christmas which *year* is a different question....)

    Place in your mods/ folder.

    Version history:

    • v1.0: Initial release.
      The Seed Library interface is missing a bunch of helpful tooltips that will make it easier to use, but it's at a point where it's mostly-complete, stable (AFAICT), and very useful, so I'm releasing it to get some feedback.

    • v1.1: The config file no longer uses Forge's "clever" block ID assignment.
      Auto-picking a free ID is a fine idea in theory, but it has problems with ID resolver.

    • v1.2: Updated all my addons to IC2 v1.90.
      Also fixed my config file handling, again.
      Old settings are going to be lost, but since it wasn't managing to respect them anyway, that's not so bad.

    • v1.2.1: Fixed a couple of minor graphical glitches.
      Buttons no longer appear on top of the seed library's "out of power" notice.
      Seed levels below 10 are now properly aligned.

    • v1.3: Updated all my addons to IC2 v1.95.
      Just a straight recompile on the new version.

    • v2.0: Added SMP support to all my addons.
      SeedManager got hybrid seed bag labels, too.

    • v2.4: Tooltips for the GGR sliders have arrived, finally. I'll add more later.
      Also fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the seed count to not update properly in singleplayer.

    • v3.0: Updated to IC2 v1.109.
      "I don't now" provided some excellent textures, which I edited to add animations.
      The UI tooltips have gotten much more ubiquitous, which seems to make it feel much more polished.
      The machines can be rotated with a wrench.
      LiquidUU integration was added. A full accelerated identification costs 0.5 UU, with discounts for partially-identified seeds.

    • v3.0.1: Minor update, will happily speak to v3.0.
      Disabled some debug output
      Made LiquidUU and BuildCraft soft dependencies, so Minecraft will no longer be Minecrash if either is missing.

    • v3.0.2: Minor update, will happily speak to v3.0 or v3.0.1.
      Updated LiquidUU integration to hide seed statistics until the seed is processed.
      Added scan level to seed display while in creative mode. (Yes, the Accelerator's output seed has Sc -42; that's what triggers the obscured statistics.)
      Added seeds with all 5 scan levels to creative mode inventory.

    Okay, "today" was clearly a programmer's daydream (as are most of our time estimates...). That said, I've got the vast majority of it done, and should be able to finish with another coding session or two. I've got two working machines in most respects, but there are a few important bits of the seed library GUI (like being able to request unidentifed seeds) that just don't exist yet.

    I did get the seed bag tooltip override working. Happily, I didn't even have to make it an IC2 class replacement; it'll work just by installing the addon. Minecraft complains slightly (in the debug/ModLoader output) about clobbering the old item, but does exactly what I asked it to anyway.

    The cropnalyzer nerf I've elected to ignore for now. It shouldn't be too hard, but it seems like more work than it's worth to stuff it into an addon. Maybe later.

    Oh, man, you just gave me a *great* idea. Give the UI a row of buttons: T B N S E W. Clicking one saves the current query for automated output in that direction. And thinking about it, I don't even need the redstone hack I'd thought of before. I can flat-out lie to Buildcraft (and anything similar) about what's in the inventory and just happily import/export seeds as they're piped.

    End result being that you can have automated seed distribution by using seed libraries in place of diamond pipes. Add an "output if fully-scanned" library with an analyzer attached, and presto, you can handle unknown seeds.

    I have to get this working today, if possible. It's too awesome to wait.

    For what it's worth, I'm actually working on the seed analyzer and seed library as a mod. I may do a quick class override for the tooltips (and possibly Cropnalyzer), too, assuming I can convince it to build properly.

    I think the seed library will also have a redstone trigger: Ordinarily, it will automatically absorb incoming seeds into the main inventory if the GUI isn't open. If it gets a signal, it will instead automatically eject seeds into the visible inventory. This allows for easy piping: feed seeds in with no redstone to fill, apply a signal and extract to empty.

    ExperiMint is a high-level, slow-growing crop that produces experience orbs when harvested. As usual, the source code is included.

    Place in your mods/ folder. No need to start a new world, just restart Minecraft and crossbreed until you get it.

    If you don't like the sprites, please, send me new ones! Also, if there's interest and appropriate sprites, I might add minor food items as the product of the plants.

    Version history:
    v1: Initial release
    v2: Integrated sprite sheet.
    v3.0 - Upgraded all of my CropCards:

    • Textures are now preloaded to reduce visual gitches.
    • CropIDs are explicitly set to 100+ to ensure future save compatibility. (THIS BREAKS OLD SAVES! You can fix your save, at least until something else steals the old IDs, if you change the IDs in config/DebugCrop.cfg. You'll have to experiment to find the IDs each crop was using; the old IDs were 16-19, with DebugCrop being the only constant at 16.)
    • Synchronized version numbers, at least for now.
    • Version number is now in the file name, so you'll be able to obtain copies of and see download counts for any version 3.0+.
    • Dropped the z from the file name, as I figured out how to ask ModLoader to load me after IC2.

    v3.1: Actually creating the config file so it can be edited is probably slightly useful...
    v3.2: Updated all my addons to IC2 v1.90. Also fixed my config file handling, again. Old settings are going to be lost, but since it wasn't managing to respect them anyway, that's not so bad.
    v3.3: Updated all my addons to IC2 v1.95. Just a straight recompile on the new version.
    v4.0: Added SMP support to all my addons.