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    False. You know nothing about coding, you cannot assess what i have or haven't done, you package your beliefs as truths like all the others.

    Let me put down a statement regarding the name:
    I will not change it. For all intends and purposes, these are the very same Advances Machines. That they appear inferior to you is a PERSONAL OPINION, to be KEPT TO YOURSELVES.
    It is also not Zippinius mod anymore, for by now major parts of the code are rewritten (and were decompiled IC2 code, as far i can tell, to begin with).

    So you rewrote the code to fix some bugs, but so that you had the exact same thing you began with. Yeah thats totally not someones elses mod.
    I agree with the Induction Furnace statement, they were made to work like that, not like the normal machines.
    And this is a forum, people can and will post their personal oppinions.

    instead of complaining, (which I don't think I was, as I offered a suggestion) nonetheless, I think a more suitable name for this mod, since you have assumed development of the mod, a suitable name would be Atomic Machines or even Atomic's Machines. Since they are your creation, and you did what you thought was the right way to go with them, only makes sense they should be named after you. This would also get rid of the complainers who see this thread and assume that they will be downloading the classic machines, not these new ones you created. Just food for though. :)

    Edit: or a more creative name : AA Machines (Atomic's Advanced Machines) makes sense to me, just a thought. :)

    Well... Already someone calling it his creation... This mod is not his, he kept the workings of the machines, the same name of mod and same name of machines. He changed the way the power works with them, and he cut their actually productivity. By doing so he added Upgrade Slots, which was implemented on IC2 machines by the devs. So far he has changed the default power input and how much it uses. Than he added the Additive Macerating.. Which seems to be the only part of this mod he has "created"
    Any rename of this (which SHOULD be done) should not contain Advanced Machines in it what so ever. That includes AA Machines. Atomic Machines, yeah fine. Not Atomic's Advanced Machines, as they are not what alot of people think they are, and they are NOT his machines by any stretch of the imagination.

    Kudos on the Additive Macerating, but you and other forum users are approaching this from the way wrong angle. My above statement contains facts, not rants or "flames" towards anyone.

    Fixed the redstone issue and updated the graphics. please let me know if this release is working OK

    Fix works great! Can now have the Monitor next to a chamber without turning it off when it hits the set temp!
    Does not activate any other redstone connected to the same reactor, and the new graphic looks great! (Though I had nothing against the old one lol)

    This should really be moved to the proper addons bit, coz this is a very good failsafe system for reactors (like if an ice machine stops working, or your coolent cells run out and you dont realise... -_-)

    Yeah I have redpower, im using it, im a noob at redstone shit, and have been trying this for more than an hour and it will not work!
    I can set it up in reverse.. So that if both Monitors are on, the reactor still runs, than when the Monitors turn off, the reactor turns off (im using levers for testing of course) I can make it so that B comes on, than A, it turns ON the reactor, than when A turns off, and B turns back off, the reactor turns OFF.. THe opposite effect I wanted :(
    If you could make a set up vid or something that would be great...

    Tried it and works a charm!
    But if someone could show a set-up that makes it turn off at say 6000 temp than back on at say 1000-2000. That would be great!
    Im not very good with redstone, and ive tried screwing around with all the redpower things and cannot get it to work properly.. Coz it would need to be set in a way that when the temp is 6000 (or your own temp) is reached monitor A activates, but due to it being about 2000 the other one is already on, so i need a system that makes 2 redstone currents (one coming form 6000 and 2000) to turn off the reactor, than once it drops below 6000 one redstone pulse goes off, but the reactor still stays off, and once it hits below 2000 and that monitor goes off, the reactor comes on.
    6000 = A
    2000 = B
    A + B active = off reactor
    During cooldown, A in-active and B active, reactor still off
    A+B not active = reactor on
    B active and A not active on the charge back up = reactor on.

    Those saying about the Induction Furnace and such - If Al and the team change it to use upgrade components and such, than there is a possibility of someone making a mod that reverts it to its original (now) state.
    Perhaps the team like the Ind Furn how it is?

    The best solution would be provide 2 downloads, the new (and in my opinion it is fine) version with upgrades (should the Ind Furn be nerfed, more people will be on board with this) and a second download that is the original Adv Machs.
    This would keep both sides of the community happy.
    The introduction of components was to allow core IC2 users to get more "bang for their buck" with the machines already present. It takes alot to get the normal ones up to scratch with the Adv ones. And Adv can help a fair bit from mid game to end game. I like the way they worked before, and not a huge fan of them now, but they arn't "awful" by any stretch, he is making it so that they suit the new machine set up for 1.7
    Of course the Ind Furn is still present as was, and so I think there should be a ported original version (there already is done by Pwnedgod) on the original thread, but it wouldn't hurt adding it here :)

    I agree with this, the way the machines worked originally was much better than it is now. I also agree that there should be 2 seperate versions like you suggested - a ported (bug fixed?) version of the old Advandced Machines, and the version that is now out. So those who don't want to worry about upgrades don't have to, and those who like them, can use them :)

    But also if pwnedgod keeps it ported and updated on the other thread thats cool, but would be much simpiler if they were both here :)