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    Wow, pointless Tekkit hate much? It's depressing to see such random unsubstantiated comments parroted a community rather then trying to be constructive.

    I'm guessing confusion is something to do with the section on the IC2 wiki (not the tekkit wiki, I suspect that was a slip of the tounge) with no longer working unmaned water tower designs. As theres nothing that says anything like this on the tekkit wiki I can find. Manned mode is still in, there was just a mechanic update that borks those designs.

    If you did mean tekkit, tekkit still has unmaned water mills. It includes IC2 as is. Tekkit is at the end of the day just a redistrabution of the mods with conflicts fixed. The content from the individual mods is as is. As such the best sources are ususaly the individual mod wikis.

    Heck, I'm already questioning my use of Nuclear power. Nuke reactors aren't exactly cheap to make and don't put out that much power with any sane design (120E/t tops generally for a Mk I non-CASUC) and you can build an awful lot of maintenance free green generators that have no chance of spontaneous explosion for the same cost.

    It seems to me that Nuke plants in general have a lot of risk and hassle for what doesn't appear to be a lot of payoff compared to spending a similar number of resources just building wind gens and making a big windmill farm, except that the Nuke plants aren't as ugly to look at. This is especially true if you build a proper containment vessel for your reactor so any screwups on your part don't punish your neighbors).

    I'd recomend multiple safe reactors to scale up your production. That will also up your need for uranium.

    Hey, I've noticed that the when the planning tool changed (about 2 days ago), this reactor went from being a 'Mark I-O' to being a 'Mark II-8'. Was the tool incorrect before?

    Now that it is a II-8, I've found a way to bring it back to a I-O for just a small cost:

    I'm just wondering why the formula used by the planning tool changed. Who maintains the tool?

    There have been a few bugfixes over the last week or so. I know I managed to create a reactor with 4 excess heat which was coming out as infinate. There was a *squish* post stright after. Just check the last few pages for examples.

    I have to agree as is the mod is /utterly/ impenitrable to an average person who doesn't want to go on a huge secret hunt (or finds this forum right here afetr all the info is known and then reads everything).

    Resolving this will wither take better in game tools/hints and mechanic improvements (honestly, about half the people I know gave up because a random creature walked on one block and goodby farm for no aparent reason. About half of those stopped after trying to cross the plants not realising that the cross sticks can weed and require redulious amonts of micromanagment. Consideirng most people like mods like this for the greater automation e.t.c., it seems crazy to have something that requires so much dedicated attention)

    The alternitive will be much better info. Or being open about it. Perhaps once most everythings been discovered, the 'don't reveal the mecahnics via source' limitation can be lifted. (as it would be mostly unnessassary) Then the optimisers and mechanic junkies can have their fun, and your average person can get perfect guides that make everything /slightly/ less troublesome.

    Overall I REALLY like the basic idea here. The implimentation can do with some improvments.