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    Please take some inspiration from Forestry-Apiculture. It has some controlled randomness, where you can selectively try to improve your bees. You always know what to expect (except for the new user who freshly discovers new species-combinations). If you won't babysit them for a while, you won't lose anything, just the progress is missing. Maybe your crossbreeders get unusable in the time via the weeds, but you shouldn't lose your plants.
    If you have your perfect breed, where all stats are stable, you can even fully automate the production via the apiary pipes. No intervention from the player and the goodies are pumped. The time investment before that, where you tried to optimize your bees, is the offset for the perpetual production. The agriculture of IC could do something like that with an automatic farmer, which just harvests stuff as if the player right-clicked on the plant. Let that farmer be slow (time between checking for harvestable plants is 30 seconds or longer), so that manual harvesting will be better.

    And for narc's idea:
    The dedicated seed storage has an (infinite?) storage space for seeds. The GUI has a dropdown menu to only display the chosen seed bags. Menu 1: All, unidentified, wheat, reed, ... aurelia (maybe only show the options, which already in the storage). Menu 2: Sort by growth, gain, resistance, combined (i.e. growth+gain+resistance).
    If a stationary cropnalyzer is positioned directly next to it, that machine will automatically identify all seed packs which need identification (just let it cost a fixed amount of 10k EU, or maybe even 15K as an offset for the increased convenience). It has an internal storage big enough for 2 analyzations and accepts LV, but these stats can be enhanced via the usual upgrades.

    I should have looked in the Addon section, before wrting the second half... The seedmanager is almost verbatim what I wrote there. :)

    nice update to your planner, I like it. But sadly there are several (mostly minor) bugs:
    - Switching from a 0 chamber with 25 watercooling design to a 6 chamber with 20 watercooling design (by only changing the chamber slider) still counts in general information - external cooling as 25 cooling from the water. The water slider updates, but not the general information (including the variable used in the mathematics!).
    - The design at http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…d338b85k0g6uk5rewytw4x91c has some strange problems with the starting heat. 0 starting heat is fine, 300 starting heat changes to Maximum cycles = -8221,18 (yes, negative). There are several other positions, where similar behaviour with a negative runtime will show.
    - Typo: Page title and Applet title: IndutrialCraft (missing s)
    - Typo: General Information -> EU Output -> Effciency (missing i)
    - Typo: Additional Information - Cell Totals -> Cooing cells (missing l)
    - Typo: Resources Needed -> Resources Needed -> TIn Ingots (bit I)
    And finally a request:
    Moving the Timing slider under General Information should also alter the collected heat of the hull and the components.
    BTW: Generation time - based on what value? Hull just over or just under 85%? Components melted or the last second before that?