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    Hi Greg

    While generating a new world I decided to give your street worldgen a try and noticed a weird conflict with Realistic Terrain Generation: Whenever I enable street worldgen in the config no trees or decorations apart from those GregTech adds spawn. With this option disabled, I haven't noticed any problems...

    Curious - any idea what could cause it? Otherwise keep up the good work :thumbup:

    Which BoP Biomes did you disable?

    Well, I disabled: Alps Forest, Bayou, Cherry Blossom Grove, Crag, Dead Swamp, Flower Field, Fungi Forest, Mangrove, Mystic Grove, Ominous Woods, Orchard, Origin Valley, Sacred Springs, Silkglades, Sludgepit, Steppe, Tropics, Wasteland - quite a lot, actually :D

    Still, I would have expected to find Rubber Trees and Blue Mahoe in the Tropical Rainforest biome, maybe also in Rainforest and Lush Swamp biomes; Willows also in the Land of Lakes Marsh biome; Maples possibly in Seasonal Forest and Deciduous Forest biomes too - nonetheless I'll search for them in dungeons, no problem :P

    I'm currently setting up a new SSP world with the latest GregTech and several world generation mods, including RTG with Climate Control, Biomes o' Plenty (with only certain biomes disabled) and disabled Vanilla biomes. When testing in creative I couldn't find any GT rubber or blue mahoe trees - as I was considering disabling IC2 rubber tree generation this is clearly not good :( Also willows and maple trees spawned only in a single (out of maybe 20) biome - I would really prefer more...

    Is there any way to influence the possible spawning biomes for the new GT trees? I couldn't find anything in the config files, neither in GT ones nor in BoP or CC.