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    we have no EV batteries

    What about a flywheel (just as a thing to thing about)

    Electricity efficiency is 25% minus

    cable losses already

    So it is possible to make them a bit more efficient but only at bulk production.

    IRL there is a huge difference between efficiency say 1kWt diesel engine and say 100kWt.

    But you have to have 100kWt load.

    So lack of efficient energy storages is driving force of grid energetics IRL

    It is FORGEs fault, NOTHING ELSE.

    Could you please post a link to forge issue report of it.

    Vitamins? Vitamins dont cause any of that.

    Also Vitamins are a bad idea

    Sometimes vitamins can change mood. This may happen when you were low on them.

    There is two kind of vitamins. Some of them solutes in water (i.e. C, B12) and some of them are solutes in fats (i.e. A and E).

    These who solutes in water are generally safe (because excesses just would leave with water).

    But fat soluble vitamins could be really dangerous (because liver have to metabolize them all)!

    So one have to talk with his doctor who prescribed vitamins if have serious changes of mood.

    Hi Greg!

    I want to automate control of (liquid/gas) burners.

    But have some discomfort:

    to turn off burner I should send constant rs level to piston.

    but to turn burner on I have to send rs pulse to igniter (with rs cover) or it will drain eu constantly.

    I may use pulse circuit (rs repeater + rs comparer) but it takes space.

    Could you please allow tweaking of igniter with screwdriver to make it only one 'ignite click' on falling edge of rs signal?

    Also I think igniter is a bit overpriced (it cost more than burner itself). It would be reasonable for that price if it would ignite whole 'burner array' of burners with same facing.

    And how to pipe unused liquid to ender trash can? Liquid pipes doesn't want to connect to it.

    I'm having a bit of trouble trying to balance out the number of fermenter needed for the reedwater. I either waste fuel on idle machines, getting very little profit, or I simply consume more fuel that I produce =\

    Currently I have pulse mode fuel production. I use liquid sensor to stop squeezer when have full tank of Reed water.

    And I plan to use igniter to make it full auto someday.

    What? An invar burning box does not power a bronze boiler correctly. It should overheat and explode eventually. You want a lead boiler to match an invar burner. Also a bronze engine will run the press faster than steel due to its lower cycle time.

    The problem with methane is that you need a stainless steel tank to store it -- bio-ethanol can go in a wood one.

    You anyway need stainless steel plates to make a fermenter.

    Invar burning box produce 16HU/t

    I think you may power any tank which consume more than 16HU/t with it (and it already works with bronze tank for hours)

    All that cycle-related things are not clear from tooltips. So I thought that bronze engine is useless because tooltip says that it cannot power press at all.

    Hi Greg!

    As a solution to ModID problem it is possible to make some python (or whatever you like) tool to convert Worlds. That tool even may be integrated into main mod (on IClassTransformer level). But it is really a kind of work that someone should spend time on and that yield... what?

    1) Reeds pressed to Reed Water + Remains (using steel engine, bronze press and 2x invar burners with bronze boilers - here I still have some energy loss)

    2) Reed water then fermented to white rum.

    3) Plant Remains with water fermented to biomass (liquid)

    4) Liquid biomass fermented to methane


    I thought that one press should support up to 4x rum fermenters but pair of them consumed whole reed water and still need a bit more.

    Hi Greg!

    How GT dynamite works? Tooltip says like it have "luck" enchantment, but on which ore I should use it? Neither simple ores (like GT copper or magnetite) nor "small" ores (which drop dusts or crushed ores at random) doesn't gain any additional yield.

    Also it cannot be throwed or chained like IC2 dynamite.