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    Heat Generation
    4 cores X 2 pulses x 2 faces x 4 heat per face = +64/t

    Please correct me cause I'm probably wrong :).

    Shouldn't it be 3 pulses for each core. 1 for itself and 1 for each adjacent core? It should produce 60 EU/frame (5 per pulse).

    4 cores x 3 pulses x 2 faces x 4 heat per face = +96/t

    Mark V EB Burst Reactor

    (Safe)Runtime: 192 ticks
    Produces 1,478,400 EUs per run

    This reactor is designed to run for 192 ticks(sec) and produce 1.48kk EUs in that time while containing all the heat into coolant cells. If you needs quick energy this is the way to go. Does not require any cool down time, you just have to refill will coolants cells and if you use the buildcraft mod you can automate it to refill itself. To make it completely safe for use, I would recommend making a button with redstone logic that when pushed turns it on for exactly 192 ticks so you don't forget about turning it off :) .

    I believe the efficiency to be 3.34
    385 EU/t
    5 EU per pulse
    23 Uranium Cells


    • 4 Plates or HDs
    • 27 Coolant Cells
    • 23 Uranium Cells

    One config of this is to use HDs instead of plates. This will help it cool the Reactor Hull if you ever forgot to refill it with coolant cells but it will not sustain it for long. This also makes it require a cool down period as the HDs will begin to heat up from the adjacent cooling cells. The idea of this design however is to avoid having any cool down time, only replacing cheap coolant cells.

    Edit: Calculation Mistake - for some reason I thought with 2 coolant around the U-cell was 6 heat instead of 4.

    Equal Breeder 1 to 4

    (Uses 1 Uranium to process 4 Depleted Cells)

    This reactor is very safe but difficult to get going (Requires lots of start up heat) but can safely run at 60% heat.

    The Math:

    1x Uranium Cell
    4x Isotope Cells
    13x HD
    35x Coolant Cells

    Hull Cooling: 1 + 6(Chambers) x 2 + 20(Air) x 0.25 = 18 per tick
    Internal Cooling: 35 (Coolant cells) per tick
    Cooling Rate: Hull Cooling + Internal Cooling = 53 per tick

    Heat Buildup: 5(U Pulses per tick) *10 + 4(I Cells) = 54 per tick

    Excess Heat per tick: 54 Heat - 53 Cooling = 1 per tick

    Heat buildup per cycle with all air cooling = 1

    The 1 heat can be offset by having 2 blocks of water near the reactor. Because you will run breeders very hot, the water should be streaming by within 2 blocks of the 3x3x3 cube of the reactor so that when the water near it evaporates, it is replenished by the stream.

    By doing this, the Hull cooling rate becomes: 1 + 6(Chambers) x 2 + 18(Air) x 0.25 + 2 (streaming water blocks) = 19.5 -> 19 per tick (No decimals I'm assuming)
    This brings the cooling up 1 making it a Perfect-Breeder.

    Max Heat Capacity: 16k(Hull) + 48(Cooling Components) x 10k = 496k
    It needs to be heated up to at least 60% Max heat to be effective (4 completed cells in 1 cycle)

    This is the tricky part. Using lava it takes 149 buckets of lava to reach 60%. Each lava bucket is 2k heat and 60% Max heat is 297.6k. It can dissipate heat across internal cooling at a rate of 13HDs x 25 = 325 per tick; that means (2000/325) 6.15 seconds per bucket to avoid loud bang. If you do this it takes 916 seconds (about 15 minutes). This is the fasted method since it is consistently absorbing heat at 325 per tick but not practical at all (works for testing).

    A more practical method is to replace the 4 Isotope cells with active uranium cells and even place 1 extra uranium cell in the bucket slot to produce excess heat on purpose. By doing this, you can produce 180 heat per tick. The only thing you have to watch by doing this is the adjacent coolant cells that are now next to uranium, they will heat up first. Once they heat up to the percentage you want, you can store them in you inventory and put them back in later after the rest of the reactor heats up. This method at 180 heat per sec takes 28 minutes (1654 seconds).

    You can easily maintain the temperature once it is heated up by controlling the external cooling blocks surrounding it. It is safe to run at +60% max heat and I have been successful at running it at 90% max heat for a full cycle too.

    Edit: Turns out this design was already made by Root Infinity -> here. I just happened to recreate it flipped vertically.

    This is a screenshot of before/after a complete cycle. Shouldn't the Uranium from the beginning become Depleted and not disappear. This is the second 4 to 1 (4 Depleted Uranium to 1 Uranium) setup that I've had this happen on. Sadly I didn't screen shot the other and eventually blew it up when trying to go +9000 :)

    I think I've also experienced this on a 2x 3 to 1 Breeder (has 2 sets of 3 Depleted Uranium to Uranium) as well but am not sure since that was the first time I realized I was missing the Depleted Uranium (I think 1 turned to Depleted Uranium and the other vanished in that case). In all cases the Isotope Cells I was breeding worked correctly.

    I believe I made the same mistake at first. I thought that the 3 dots are always the output. The 3 dots are only the output if you apply redstone and it's the higher voltage output. When a transformer is not powered by redstone the 5 over faces of the transformer are the output and the 3 dots are the higher voltage input.