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    You know, the OP kinda gave he answer himself - just use manned watermills. It gives the same effect, and the watermills are allready implemented and cheap as hell.

    Minor detail, but 'herself' not himself, etc. :)


    Manned watermills require a bit of setup and are almost never useful by the time you make them-they are little more than a waste of half a generator. A dynamo that can be crafted into a regular generator is much more useful as tier 0 (basically for macerating your very first ores and extracting your first rubber before you even have to make a proper generator and powering the last few seconds remaining in a machine). Also, manned watermills are very grindy in comparison: a watermill require you to run back and forth with water buckets, while a dynamo require you to just right click for a short while- It's balanced differently: the watermill is balanced on how annoying it is to use, while a dynamo is balanced by food supply. finally, a dynamo is much more mobile and spontaneous, since it doesn't require a bucket and an infinite water source.

    This is where I'm coming from - whether it is a handheld device, or place-able, it is a device that you need to manually right-click (or right-click hold) to get the EU/t generation - if you're not standing there working the dynamo, it's not producing. Its a cheap, but food/time intensive process for the first few stages of play - Tier 0. For all the current arguments against, it seems to be either 'why bother', in which case the AE quartz grinder, Forestry clockwork engine (and such) would be the same, yet they are welcomed, or 'use manned watermills' which seems to miss the point of a Tier 0, manual use [see above quote] (especially if GT is in the mod-pack, but useful even without).

    Being able to craft-convert it into a Generator would remove the 'sitting in junk-chest once used' aspect, while still providing that initial Tier 0 helping hand at the start. I'd agree, before it's mentioned, that the 'conversion to Generator' recipe shouldn't be so cheap that everyone turns to making dynamos for Generators all the time.

    All that said, the open-minded discussions are rounding out the idea, so please, discuss on. :)

    So it's a hand-held battery that gains energy and cost hunger when right clicked? so how about:
    :Refined Iron:
    :RE Battery: (battery)

    and can be made into a generator:

    :Refined Iron: :Mobile Charger: :Refined Iron:
    :Intergrated Plating: :Advanced Furnace:

    Well, placeable in-world, rather than handheld (see quartz grinder/clockwork engine in AE/Forestry respectively), but I agree with the idea of being able to 'convert' it into a Generator eventually, so it doesn't end up sitting in a chest/dropped into lava when your tech moves on. (possibly replacing the machine block in the Generator recipe, or your recipe).

    Clockwork engine + Energy bridge = Exactly what you're asking for.

    Whilst the energy bridge would do the conversion, I have 3 minor problems with your setup in the long run:-

    a) The addition of a manual EU producer would benefit IC2 on its own, and any mod-pack that didn't use Power Convertors. (I can add PC easily enough to a mod-pack, but sometimes you want to use the mudpack as provided eg DW20's)

    b) Clockwork engines are manual to start, then run down over time. Unless the recipe implied a flywheel of some sort, I was foreseeing the manual EU generator as needing manual intervention all the time (hence referencing the manned watermills, which just need a bucket of water for a burst of power without any additional intervention)

    c) I'd position this as a Tier 0 - useful very early game (like the clockwork engine, though I think the gold requirement mars that engine slightly), and having to make the clockwork engine for 4 gold, then the energy bridge (for another 4 gold + diamond) tends to wreck that idea.

    If I had to use 8 gold + 1 diamond, I'd be looking to get something more than an EU generator that you had to manually 'work' to produce the EU.

    Whilst starting out on a new FTB Ultimate world, and grinding my first few ores with AE's Quartz Grinder, I had this idea.

    AE adds a manual grinder, and forestry adds a clockwork engine for MJ (which needs manual intervention to wind). Is there any chance of having a dynamo/manual generator in IC2?

    I'll have a think about a suitable recipe, but I thought a 2 EU/t (like the manned watermill), or possibly 3-4 EU/t to balance the fact that this will only produce power while its being right-clicked (you can only really be using one at a time, unlike Watermills where you could set up several and just put buckets/water cells in all of them for a brief burst of power).

    Obviously, just like the clockwork engine and Quartz Grinder, turtles and such wouldn't be able to use them.


    yes, always remember the HIGHER voltage is the side with more dots, so think of it as 3 dots (lots of votage) gets dispersed to the single dots (lower voltage) also be careful with redstone currents around transformers because that will reverse the current, causing 3 dots to be a lower voltage and 1 dots being a higher voltage, this can cause ALOT of damage.

    Applying redstone current to the transformers doesn't actually change where the higher and lower currents are on the transformer (the single dots will still be the lower EU/t, the three dots will be the higher), it just affects which direction the flow is converted.