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    Just registered to post my thanks to AS for his work thus far. I was utterly UTTERLY staggered by the amount of crying and whining done by users

    You can say what you want about the changes, but how dare you people talk to someone who is under no obligation, and is working damned hard to code something like this (and then releasing it to the public FOR FREE) the way many have you been doing? It is appalling. If you REALLY have a huge problem (and by huge, I mean some of you make it sound like he comitted genocide), shut up, learn the code, and make it the way you want it to be. Don't fire off demands as if you are owed something. No one told you to update.

    And for what it's worth; to those who were complaining about the name of the mod... I happen to access this mod through my use of Tekkit, which lists the inclusion of this mod as "Advanced Machines by AtomicStryker". I don't think the chain of custody is some hidden secret. I only just started getting into these modifications to minecraft and I already clearly understood that someone stopped development of something, and then it was taken over by someone new. Hell, the first post says as much.

    Thanks again AS! :thumbup: