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    Hi everyone,

    There is a really annoing bug in v. 3.8b: for some reason the singularity compressor will explode for me,
    even though its hooked up to an LV transformer, so it only takes an input of 32 EU/t.
    I use forge v.

    please fix it.

    in the ModularForceFieldSystem.cfg you can adjust the cooling values

    reaktorheatcontrolice=100 -heat
    reaktorheatcontrollava=100 +heat
    reaktorheatcontrolwater=50 -heat

    Unfortunately changing these Values in the config file does not have any effect (Beta 6pre3_2).

    This seems to be caused by the default Values beeing hardcoded in
    in the methods
    private void reactorcooler(TileEntityNuclearReactor tileEntity)
    private void reactorheater(TileEntityNuclearReactor tileEntity)

    Plus i think You would need to rewrite the logik that evaluates if it needs to consume a block to work with the dynamic values from the config.

    Also it would be cool to be able to run the Reactor Cooler without needing a Reactor Containment block
    (which also needs to be active atm).

    Keep up the good work!

    regards, byte