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    I was using chunk loading blocks but have read that issues exist with them and water properly loading when you travel away far distances. The lap crystals idea seems neat. Instead of using power teleport pipes i could just tele port the crystals to a MFSU?

    Hey everyone. So I have just recently built a nuclear reactor in place of my combustion engines. My engines kept blowing up on me with water issues and chunk loading. I even tried a trick using redstone and gates to have it kill teh system if an engine went yellow. Then again kaboom for 5th time. I didnt have it in me to built it all again and figure out what went wrong so instead wanted to build nuclear. I got it up and running nad generating a nice 100 eu a tick. However I was using conductive piping with teleport pipes to get my power around my base and out to other areas. Now i amnot sure how to get that poiwer that is sitting in an MSFU teleported out to my quarry.

    simply put, can nuclear power be transmitted across power teleport pipes
    or used for powering things that are a more then say 40 squares away. I
    ask the latter because i am under the impression that power is lost
    after like 6 squares of travel via wire/cable.