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    Hi all

    I've played GT5 for some time and am now trying GT6. I notice the new trees. Maple etc. Is it safe to disable the generation of these in the config? I assume they're not essential for anything. I'm using the standard IC2 rubber trees.


    the trees gregtech adds are far better than normal trees, granting twice as much charcoal in the coke oven and plenty of saplings

    there are some with special sap though I've not looked into them myself

    I really hope the quotes will work...

    I just compile it and drop it into my mods folder, then start MC the proper way, like every User would do.

    I think I finally found out why the issues were occurring, when I was first developing my mod I was developing it in it's own project, which was a perfectly valid way of doing things in older versions of forge, however the gradle setup insists on using it's pre determined project to function properly.

    while in a separate project randomcode.jar works as intended, however if used in the pre determined main 'minecraft'(where gradle enforces that you work) project it screws everything up

    however if you instead use the pre determined project WITHOUT the randomcode.jar, it has no issues at all (where as a seperate project would complain)

    so unless you go around gradle (I've never tried, I'm more of a c++ developer so I'm not as well versed in alternative options to things), randomcode.jar isn't actually needed to develop an addon and will in fact just break things

    this is also one of the big reasons I was trying to change gradle to build from a different location, so it could build from my own project setup rather than the one I later found out seems to be pretty rigid, and sticking to instructions when I moved things, I didn't suspect it would cause the problem.

    Edit: yeah, confirmed it once and for all, had a completely successful built & tested it ingame in a non dev environment, thank you for the responses, they helped alot

    might be worth noting on the download pages

    Also, your old Setup did work with GT6 before, right? Not that you try to actually press the Run Button in eclipse, what is basically a Nope-Operation even for me (due to having the randomcode.jar and old ic2 Sourcecode, I cannot run GT6 in the Dev Environment myself)

    Setting up an Environment is really difficult to do. Next time you reset it, instead of deleting the old thing, just put the new thing into a different Folder.

    it was working from the run button, had been for a long time really,

    though it wasn't working for you? how do you usually go about it then? I've always tested using the typical running from eclipse.

    Hrrm, does Openmods still exist even? I mean does its Maven Site still exist? Maybe it fails downloading from that Site...

    openmods is included as a part of the randomcode.jar you provided (which was working in previous setups) however given the steps mentioned, however it stopped acknowledging that it is loaded

    also a side note: openmodscore is a child mod of openmodslib( \openmods\core\ ), also they post dev versions on their curse page https://minecraft.curseforge.c…openmodslib/files/2280605 <- if you scroll down the the bottom they have a newest version, however using that version over the random code one doesn't fix it either

    however when placing the openmodslib (that is up to date) along side the random code version as a library, it complains that there are two copies of openmodslib (however the core doesn't load for either despite being a part of it) meaning it isn't a case of the library simply not loading

    "Gregorius, I have a funny suggestion for you! MC 1.12 is out and it's almost sure that it's going to be a plateau version of MC. And even if you don't update now to 1.12. I know that someday there will be a Gregtech 7 that will be for a future version of MC or maybe Gregtech will be a standalone game. SO my suggestion is that you regularly write on a page on the Gregtech website your ideas for the next major version of Gregtech."

    changes are by that point, like with techreborn, or gt5u, someone will be given permission to continue on where greg left off, which if you're looking for a later mc version of gregtech, tech reborn is gt3~4 essentially however they went off and did their own things, while gt5u is a similar case, but gt5

    though both are very different from the original, they are still very much a continuation

    Did you do all the things from the "Maven Usage Stuff" Part of https://gregtech.overminddl1.c…regtech_1.7.10/index.html ?

    Maybe you forgot something. Also, never ever break an install that is working, seriously, if it works, then keep it no matter how uncomfortable and shitty it is, simply because when setting it up again you will definitely forget one single step and get fucked over royally.

    I had successfully set it up 3 times prior(and then proceeded to break them for similar reasons) and had taken notes (I've had bad experiences with forge's setup in the past so I've made a habbit out of it, though forge's setup wasn't this rigid )

    as for the maven bit, I have that all setup, I had backed up my successful build.gradle I had been using prior (never changed anything in it while trying to change the setup)

    my setup testing is as fallows

    1. is fresh setup of a forge 1614 (same as prior), and a build.gradle with standard gregtech maven(however set to 6.05.22) and dependencies (the usual decompile work space, eclipse, and refresh dependencies, though in a fresh setup not sure if that last step is needed but I've tested both due to running out of better ideas)

    2. manually updating chicken bone's 3 mods( lib, core and nei ) with the latest development versions listed on his site, I've been just overwriting the outdated version gradle opts to download with new ones renamed, this worked fine previously however if the files changed in the past week or so somehow might have issues.

    3. including randomcode.rar as a library

    4. running minecraft

    5. raging at the message saying no version of openmodscore is installed and is required (╯°□°)╯︵ ǝsdıןɔǝ

    also I gave up on the new setup after a few tries, but even without trying to change the setup, it still has the same problem

    What the hell? I just tried making Annealed copper for the first time, and was watching the temperature very carefully to get to 2800 without going over 2835, and I swear just as it was about to hit 2800, I was burned alive. This was in a Tantalum crucible with a dense invar fluid burning box and only one piece of copper in it. I was just about to add some more copper to make it less likely to overheat but if it even made it to 2800 there was no way it made it to 2835. Is there some trick I'm missing? I even managed to respawn and run back, which probably took a good 20-25 seconds and stop the burning box, and I found two bronze ingots and 5 bronze scrap in the crucible ( my very damaged bronze chestplate was apparently burned up ) .

    make sure to fill the crucible to slow down the rate of heating up, and then use a slow burning box

    I used a steel burning box, it takes a long time, however it is absolutely necessary pre-electric heater, any faster then you'll run into issues

    setup a dropper over the crucible to quickly drop in additional copper ingots to cool the crucible as it starts to get close to over heating, also make sure to have some blocks to keep it from landing outside of the crucible

    also make sure you have a wrench to break the burning box asap if things go wrong, the crucible will hold onto it's heat so at worst this makes you lose a few bits of fuel but you gain a lot of safety, if the tension gets to be too much, with your molds set to auto, as soon as they pour break the burning box though that is just to be extra cautious

    and last but not least make sure your molds can take the heat, I've made the mistake of grabbing similar looking molds and ending up with them blowing up in my face a couple of times.

    also a note if the crucible isn't completely filled and you use a invar burning box, yes chances are it'll explode in your face faster than you can react to it.

    pre electic heater go SLOW, especially with most sensitive materials.

    and there is no in between with annealed copper, doing just one of these things, you'll likely have it blow up in your face again

    do it the safe way before thinking you can cut corners

    edit: also if you REALLY want to, use a stronger burning box, then swap it out for a slow one as you get closer, though it's a little annoying you can do it.

    hey greg, about developing addons, I've been working on an addon for a little while and had everything working for the most part for awhile

    however after breaking my setup ( not being very happy with how gradle arranges things I tried to see if I could change how it looked for things ) I decided to start over from a fresh install of everything however from that point on, even with a completely stock setup (as I had before) both the game and when attempting to build for a release it acts as though openmodscore ( a part of open mods lib ) is not loading despite it having worked just fine in previous installations

    spent a 3~4 days trying to sort out what the cause was and haven't found anything, and even changing things over to just having the mod included on it's own separately, it doesn't acknowledge that part being loaded, despite the other parts of the mod being loaded (tested by having duplicates)

    my only guess is it could involve one of code chicken's mods possibly getting an updated listing (can't confirm if the case or not, as the versions included by default by gradle are a version too outdated for gt to accept (and the base version gt requires is no longer listed)

    I'm expecting this will be a 'that is weird, works for me' kinda thing but I figure after spending so much time trying to figure it out, it was worth asking if you might have an idea what was up

    hey greg, could you add a recipe for signalum that accounts for the creating of sterling silver before the signalum is formed when working with a larger batch

    e.g. 5 sterling silver + 1 annealed copper + 10 red alloy = 16 signalum

    the material makeup of sterling silver, is still 1 annealed copper and 4 silver, so the creation of sterling silver doesn't change the fact that it would still forms the same alloy when the conditions are met

    edit: in fact it appears that the sterling silver recipe seems to mess it up regardless, it may be bypassable by using the smallest units, but for now it seems you can't properly make signalum the intended way?

    I'd recommend changing the base recipe to the example I gave, as that makes the recipe basically identical to what it was originally without having to make the required materials change

    there is a bit of odd behavior with steam powered devices, no matter if it's too much, just enough steam (matching input and output), or too much team powering them, they either

    A: Never run ( Most common )

    B: run for a very short time then never run again even after being moved (rarely)
    C: They run for awhile but after awhile they stop, and then start working when the pipe feeding the steam is drained