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    I do use scrap, I have several quarries running 24/7 to produce enough scrap. Still not enough though. I've tried fluid reactors before, but the kinetic steam generators always make explosions sounds and shoot out steam particles. I will try again, and I'll post again with the results.

    You have to ensure the reactor is making enough hot coolant to keep up with the demand from the liquid heat exchangers. That's been my big pitfall: I can't get a hot enough reactor design. But Aroma was just telling me that you can copy and paste the URL for all those dead-linked reactor schematics into the reactor design simulator and it will show the design so that's pretty awesome.

    Aroma, my mind is BLOWN my man.

    Thank you for this.

    Do you by any chance know if there's a section somewhere where the subject of Pressure Vessel reactors is discussed? I'm trying to go that route instead of straight EU production because it's at least in theory more efficient.

    Could we possibly move just the reactor designs that still have working links to a new, locked thread that is only updated with newer designs that are improvements on previous designs? I really do not understand the mechanics of the reactors very well and I'm just looking for a design that will let me make a decent amount of hot coolant from my pressure vessel reactor. I am trying to get lots of EU/t to run a huge number of mass fabricators, recyclers, etc. and am finding that there are not very many working links to reactor designs. Most links are from 2012/2013 and are dead links because the original hosting services haven't retained the images.

    Going forward, hosting on Imgur seems to last indefinitely and it would be nice to post screen captures of reactor designs there.

    In my survival world, I would like to run the Mass Fabricator non-stop, as I am ready to produce Iridium and need UU-Liquid. I produce about 300 EU/t total from my reactors, and I am not willing to build more reactors or change the layout of the reactors(I have had several nuclear meltdowns already), so how can I produce enough power?

    I'm in the same situation. I have a reactor that does 420 EU/t and is stable that has been feeding some mass fabs alongside some Advanced Solar Power solar panels. The IC2 reactors are quite underwhelming with respect to the amount of power they produce. I suppose the point is to make a riskier build that requires constant maintenance, but I haven't got the spoons to learn LUA to develop a ComputerCraft code to keep the damned things running without going BOOM.

    One thing you can do is switch over to a Pressure Vessel layout. That will turn the machine into a liquid-cooled machine that produces hot coolant. You can pipe the hot coolant to a series of liquid heat exchangers (be sure to put 10 heat conductors in each one) that will then provide heat to steam generators. Those steam gens should be set to 221 bar and 1 mB/tick of water coming through. Make sure you run DISTILLED water through or they will calcify and back up. You can make lots of distilled water with 2 electric heat generators hooked up to a steam generator and a condenser. The condenser will dumb the distilled to a drum or tank.

    Anyway, once you have enough coolant to keep the machine running on a closed loop it's a good, reliable source of power. You just hook the steam generators up to a Steam Kinetic Generator with a turbine in it. Then connect the steam kinetic gen to a Kinetic Generator and that will take the spin of the steam kinetic and turn it into EU. I get around 600-700 EU/tick this way from a reactor layout that would make 420 EU/tick as a regular reactor. Same layout. No risk of meltdown.

    Indeed, I used an RFTools Liquid Comparator or something like looks to see if the IC2 Coolant level is > or = to 50% volume. If it is, it provides a redstone signal to the resdtone toggle switch for the reactor. If it dips below 50%, the reactor shuts off until it's above 50% again. This makes sure the reactor always has enough coolant to mitigate heat.

    Hope this helps!