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    Hi, Greg, I'd like to come out with some cool suggestions:

    Large electrolyzer: a 3x4x5 multi block machine, a control block and an "electrolyzer housing block" (or something similar to a name, a stainless steel or something that you think is more appropriate) and 8x (or 4x? Which do you think is good? " ) a platinum wire (as an electrode) consists of a 53 electrolyzer housing block outside the main block and a main block that is placed in the second layer of the center of the 5X4 surface. The 6 block space of the 1x2x3 is left in the middle, and the platinum wires are placed on both sides of the electrode, 2 wires on both sides, and a total of 4 wires, and two wires at each side. Connect and connect to the bottom of the top block, leave the 2 middle space blank. Similar to a large centrifuge, a large electrolyzer can handle 16 items at most once, accept 256-4096EU/t energy input, and have no overclocking penalty. The energy input point can be considered by itself (you can also try a wonderful work power supply that needs to be supplied at the same time on the two electrodes: D).You can consider the input and output (maybe you can consider exporting different products on both sides, just like the electrolyzer in reality. )

    The cooler can consume CU and reduce the temperature of the crucible / mold / casting basin.

    Electric arc furnace: I think it's really great (which is not "cool" but rather "hot").

    Electric compressor: maybe it can make electric piston more useful, right?

    Em… It does have a 1.7.10 version. Jump to the link at '竹mod Universal(minecraft1.7.10)(氏製)'. It seems like an unofficial but approved community version.

    PS. This mod is also called '竹mod' ('竹' means bamboo in Japanese).

    Interestingly I've found how to dig out empty ores of GT6 in survive mode without cheating - all you need to do is to find an ore vein hit by an AE2 meteorite - and you'll get lots of them, which might be caused by the meteorite interrupting the ore generation process.