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    Hi, Greg, I'd like to come out with some cool suggestions:

    Large electrolyzer: a 3x4x5 multi block machine, a control block and an "electrolyzer housing block" (or something similar to a name, a stainless steel or something that you think is more appropriate) and 8x (or 4x? Which do you think is good? " ) a platinum wire (as an electrode) consists of a 53 electrolyzer housing block outside the main block and a main block that is placed in the second layer of the center of the 5X4 surface. The 6 block space of the 1x2x3 is left in the middle, and the platinum wires are placed on both sides of the electrode, 2 wires on both sides, and a total of 4 wires, and two wires at each side. Connect and connect to the bottom of the top block, leave the 2 middle space blank. Similar to a large centrifuge, a large electrolyzer can handle 16 items at most once, accept 256-4096EU/t energy input, and have no overclocking penalty. The energy input point can be considered by itself (you can also try a wonderful work power supply that needs to be supplied at the same time on the two electrodes: D).You can consider the input and output (maybe you can consider exporting different products on both sides, just like the electrolyzer in reality. )

    The cooler can consume CU and reduce the temperature of the crucible / mold / casting basin.

    Electric arc furnace: I think it's really great (which is not "cool" but rather "hot").

    Electric compressor: maybe it can make electric piston more useful, right?