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    сhips - where logic?

    To craft the machine at a voltage level of 512 volts, type machine name in the NEI search, and in the tooltip we find the text HV or 512 next. So we know that this is the machine and that it is designed for this voltage. (voltage 512 or HV tier is example only)

    To craft the chip for a machine voltage level of 512 volts, it is not known which type. One type of chip is involved in the machines crafting of four different voltages (for example, for example, quantumprocessor used in 4 tiers). We type Quantumprocessor in the NEI search and see 4 chips intended for different voltages. Each of them, in turn, is crafted in three different ways from different components.

    Let's say that a cobalt rod can also be crafted in different ways. The initial subject is a cobalt ingot. Imagine that you craft a cobalt rod at LV level from cobalt, at the HV level from copper, at level IV from indium. The chips are exactly the same.

    A chip is an object that is related to the level of development directly. In our lives, once the radio receivers were tube lamps. Then they began to be made from a variety of circuits. And now - everything is placed in one small thing generally. Or processors - decades ago computers occupied huge rooms, had many lamps and other huge details. Then came personal computers with processors like Intel 8086. Now the processors have 4 cores, speed up to 4 GHz each. I can not put a modern processor into lamps radio. I can not put it into the old computer. Do you understand the idea?

    In the game, the era of technological development is divided into voltage levels. And we are invited (after circuits update) to put a quantum processor into machines of the previous technological era. It does not work out that way in life. It should not be so in the game. The new kind of chips can not be used as parts in the machines of the old age.

    And now the constructive request:

    (*) The number of chips is made equal to the number of electrical voltages.

    LV Chip: Basic Circuit

    MV Chip: Good Circuit

    HV Chip: Advanced Circuit

    EV Chip: Processor

    IV Chip: Nano Processor

    LuV Chip: Quantum Processor

    ZPM Chip: Crystal Processor

    UV Chip: WetWare Processor

    MAX Chip: Infinite Processor

    We get each type of chip unambiguously compared with its voltage range, or in other words with its era, level of development.

    Example of Advanced Circuit: it will mapped to the HV type. It can be crafted if all machines of the previous MV series are available. This is the most expensive recipe. Also, we introduce the Advanced Circuit (in the game it is second chip with same name), which can be crafted by machines of its own level with less expenses in terms of resources or time. For the Advanced Circuit under consideration, one more "Advanced Circuit (HV)" is added, which in brackets "HV" means that at least one HV machine is required for its production (analog of technological process in modern processors - 0.28 nm, 0.17 nm). If there is a recipe for Advanced Circuit, which requires at some stage the presence of a LuV machine, then in the brackets of the third such chip, and we will record the "Advanced Circuit (LuV)".

    This remove the multiplicity of recipes for the same chip. One chip - one recipe. No confuse.

    This remove chips with similar names, located on different tiers unintuitive. No confuse.

    This eliminate the need to keep in mind all 26 kinds of chips and their crafts, which increases the number of options for chips more than 2 times, making their number more than 52!

    The chips becomes only 9. Each chip as far as possible in NEI becomes represented in three-four (or how many there will make) variants depending on a level of development. You see only advanced circuits for craft the HV machine. No crystal processors for our "old" computers!