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    Hi greg,


    [FIXED] IC2 Fuel Rod Recycling to now give Zirconium. And it also has to happen in a Tier 3 GT6 Centrifuge now.

    Does it still give Plutonium and Uranium just like original things in IC2?

    Also, we got a compat issue with the ExtraCells 2 mod. GT liquids can't be labeled in Fluids Export Bus while the capsule-cell-container can label fluids in BuildCraft Diamond Fluid Pipe.

    Hi Greg, I have some suggestions about the production of sulphuric acid, ammonia and nitric acid to make the chemical industry more realistic and more useful.

    For sulphuric acid, the overall production chain is awesome with few flaws. The quantity of sulphur compouds shouldn't change for reaction SO2→SO3→H2SO4 because the amount of sulphur is conserved.

    Also the volume of sulphate oxide for reaction SO2→SO3 should remain constant, the volume should drop drastically for SO3→H2SO4.

    This change in sulphuric acid production will be very helpful because it can make sulphuric acid worth storing if it's volume is changed to 144l per unit.

    For ammonia production, it can be done in a major tech-tree related multiblock machine.

    The overall process can be the Haber process. Which takes nitrogen and hydrogen, uses the iron-based catalyst made from Fe, K2O, CaO, SiO2, and Al2O3, produces ammonia directly in high pressure and temperature.

    Ammonia can be very useful. The product of ammonia and acids can be made to fertilizers. Ammonium nitrite can be a poor man’s explosive. It is also the key reactant for nitric acid production.

    For nitric acid production, it can be done in the Ostwald process. The process can be devided into two steps.

    The first step takes ammonia and oxygen, uses platinum with thorium, produces nitrite monoxide and water.

    The second step can be simplified to producing nitric acid from nitrite monoxide, oxygen and water.

    Nitric acid can be used in making fertilizers and explosives including nitrocellulose, nitroglycerin, TNT and more.

    Have you looked at the WHOLE changelog? I mean for that new Version ofcourse. Because there is an obvious Line in it that you should have read before.

    Maybe you should tell the buff before telling the nerf. The current arrangement makes people strongly depressed before they find the buff part. The arrangement also misleads impatient readers.

    When I was reading the pure dusts things for the first time, I was astonished and thinking maybe you are drunk because I knew nothing about the centrifuge buff at that time. It was like "yes your pure dusts are all gone, good luck daydreaming about osmium"

    If you move the centrifuge buff part to the front of the changelog, readers will expect a nerf to "compensate" the huge buff, then no one would get surprised.

    Tried to make it into the same post but system tells me I can't do it cause it looks like a spam. So I have to separate it.

    The flow chart could be like this:

    Distilled Water--[boiler]-- Saturated Steam(1 SU/l) --[Superheater]-- Superheated Steam (4 SU/l, 400℃) + Dry Steam (1 SU/l, 105℃, from a turbine) --[Steam Mixer]-- Superheated Steam( 3 SU/l, 300℃) --[Turbine]-- Dry Steam (1 SU/l, 105℃, feeding the Steam Mixer)

    Numbers are just made up randomly to explain the flow chart.

    Wikipedia about Superheater, Superheated Steam and other relevant things could be helpful.

    Edit: and maybe some multiblock Superheaters which can heat more steam up to higher temperature for more power and higher efficiency.

    hey Greg. I have an idea to make the steam system more realistic, more interesting and more powerful.

    Currently the system is just boiling water to 100℃ saturated steam (saturated steam means it has both liquid water and vapour water in the steam, see Wikipedia), doing work and turn saturated steam into liquid water. It's reasonable but it's not how steam works in real life.

    Saturated Steam should be heated by a Superheater into Superheated Steam (Superheated Steam contains only dry vapour water in very high temperature, normally at least 400℃. See Wikipedia). Then the Superheated Steam in very high temperature is mixed with Dry Steam (Dry Steam contains dry vapour water only, the temperature is just slightly higher than saturated steam to avoid condensation. See Wikipedia) to make Superheated Steam in medium high temperature. The mixed Superheated Steam is fed into turbines and turned into Dry Steam, which is reused in the mixer.

    Working with Superheated Steam can produce much much more power without changing the flow rate and avoid damaging turbines compared with working with Saturated Steam.

    If you make it into the mod, a few changes may be needed. Superheaters in different tiers, using HU, simultaneously accept Saturated Steam and produce Superheated Steam in very high temperature. A Steam Mixer, using no energy, simultaneously accepts Superheated Steam in very high temperature and Dry Steam and produces Superheated Steam in medium high temperature. The “Steam” should be changed to Saturated Steam. Dry Steam and two Superheated Steam should be added. Turbines and engines work perfectly with Superheated Steam while they can still work with Saturated Steam, it just builds damage reducing efficiency over time and needed to be fixed by tools. Current SU system may be overhauled. Different steam should have different SU per volume, high-temperature Superheated Steam has the largest SU per volume, mid-temperature Superheated Steam has mid SU per volume, Saturated Steam and Dry Steam have the latest.

    It may be a large change if this suggestion could be accepted. It can make the steam system more realistic, more hardcore in early game and much more powerful after mid game.

    I think there's a bug relating to the centrifuge nerf. Glowstone dust can no longer be centrifuged because a Thermal Expansion machine can melt it into a Thermal Expansion liquid glowstone. However, no gregtech machines can melt glowstone. So glowstone can't be centrifuged with gregtech machines now.

    Can you tell me how to fix it by tweaking the mod before the next patch is released?

    Also the gregtech cell should have a lot of improvement in compatibility. It feels like a small but stupid tank instead of a versatile cell now.

    And can you make a recipe to make crops from machines automatically?