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    This is probably a rereport, but the other guy wasnt exactly clear on what he meant, so anyway; i worked my way up to a pneumatic compressor and compressed diamonds, but the only output was ashes, but no diamonds. I made sure the structure is intact, though im only running the compressor with two industrial pumps. Im using gregtech 408s, ic2 experimental 2.0.397 and frogcraft 1.2 in the techworld2 modpack.

    Physicist that in itself is a good idea, but i really wish i could bringing the sound down to a bit more sane level without muting everything. i enjoy the minecraft music and machine sounds, but gregtech machines dont allow me in the slightest to enjoy their sounds and the sound of the rest of the game

    Well, hello again, after i built my first macerator in five months i noticed that it grinds both my ores and ears. I love that they have a sound now and i dont want to turn it off, so is there maybe a config option to set the volume, because those machine sounds dont seem to be bound to the ingame volume... :pinch:
    I have also noticed the MV transformer recipe seems to be messed up in my instance (just a copper cable to mv transformer, but doesnt work), broken in 408s or just my modded mc instance?

    Hello, i have a small problem: Im using gregtech 408s with the techworld2 pack for 1.6.4 and for some reason when i want to craft bronze tools in my crafting table it wants astralsilver ingots instead of bronze and astralsilver plates instead of bronze plates. ten minutes later after redownloading the dynamicconfig.txt file it now wants stainless steel instead of bronze... any idea how to fix this?

    Hey guys, just a quick question, i want to reenable the crafting of the regular macerator, either from an automated macerator or just directly, but that doesnt seem to work. I want it to still have the harder recipe, but other than the harder recipe there isnt a config option refering to the macerator, can you tell me how to do it?
    I have the multiple mods (about 90 like TE3 Buildcraft etc), but the relevant ones should be:
    Ic²: 2.0.307 experimental
    Gregtech: 4.05g

    Thanks in advance.

    Problem is with AE, there is nothing that GT could do about it besides something like adding an inventory to the machine and pull items from there that it can use but that would quite definitely be something that won't get added.
    Let's say you try making a normal circuit and you already have some cables in AE storage but not the plates. When you issue the command AE issues sees it needs to craft the circuit board but it already has the cables. As you probably have both the board and circuit recipes attached to the same GT machine it tries to use that machine for both recipes and AE tries to fill it with materials for both. That means it will put the cables in there before the materials for building the basic circuit board and the machine cannot continue.

    Pretty much the only viable solutions would be to have separate assemblers for different circuit parts or to build a mini-multiblock machine from several assemblers for crafting those circuits.

    Well, i had hoped that wasnt the only solution, but the idea i had would also prevent any kind of overflow in the machines causing them to malfunction aswell, as the slots could not be filed with different materials, so its not just a solution aimed at fixing a stupid behaviour of AE. Oh well, then not.

    Hello, been quite some time since i suggested something, but i have been having a few problems lately with the Circuit Assembly Machine (for short in this post: CAM). Im currently using Applied Energistics as a brain for my facility, but unfortunatly the recipes keep getting mixed up, im aware that i could probably ask the author of AE to change the behaviour of his ME-Interfaces, but i think the CAM and other new GT Automation machines would benefit from Holo-Slots. i imagined having a second row ontop of the ones that process the resources which would restric other material from going into the machine (certain slots). Pwetty please?
    -Loyal customer of Gregtech, Pseudohero

    I just remembered a problem i had earlier, my ore proccesing plant is running pretty well and im using liquiducts to supply water to the grinders. i wanted to add gold silver to a second grinder and supply it with liquid mercury extracted from mercury cells by a thermal expansion liquid transposer. only problem: the grinder didnt accept the liquid. feature, bug, or not implemented at all?

    Wow, congratz that you can mass produce uu-matter, I think you can follow this line uu->redstone->ruby->chrome, and you only need 64 uu-matter/ 4 chrome.

    EDIT: Actually that 5 uu-matter/2 titanium is pretty cheap then..Is it better to nerf it to 5 uu/2 tiny piles of titanium ..Or just scratch that recipe and add 8 bauxite dusts per 3 uu lol.

    O.O i did not think of that. maybe part of the fact that my recipes crash when i look up redstone..oh well thanks for the tip. and i agree on the titanium part. way too cheap.

    Hi guys, how you doing? Me and a few friends have been playing mc with Gregtech and a few other mods for a few weeks now and we are finally able to mass-produce uu-matter. Originally i just wanted to get some chrome for the highly advanced stuff, but i noticed that there are not a lot of sources for it... for comparison: to create a highly advanced machine block i need 14 uu-matter to create the neccesary titanium, but i need 126 uu-matter to create chrome from ruby and considering i need a lot of chrome further on, i just thought its a bit to rare. Maybe add a third or fourth source for it? I dont mind that its hard to get i just think the ratio is a bit "off"...
    Thanks for reading, would like to hear your ideas.

    yes, tin isnt hard to get to get, but it´s just that i hate to waste resources no matter how much, and it would be more realistic to extract the fuel out of the the cells to reuse them as it is with multiple Gregtech recipes, so why not apply this to liquid fuel in generators? the regular ic² generator is just to low tech for this in my opinion. thats why i kinda suggest it here, cause gregtech is really high tech stuff.

    hm, oh well. scrap my idea and make uu out of it. ( fuelcans not being used up? wow, im not as up-to-date as i thought.)

    Greetings everyone. i rarely post but i just had an idea for a rather late game generator. it really bugs me to burn cells or similar when burning fuel, so i thought how about a generator that doesnt use the cells and only the fuel? my idea is pretty much an upgrade to the old ic² generator which is pretty much for fuel that is not as crude as coal and such.
    i imagined the recipe being something like this:
    :Refined Iron: :Electric Furnace: :Refined Iron:
    :Empty Cell: :Advanced Circuit: :Treetap: (electric one would make more sense)
    :Refined Iron: :Generator: :Refined Iron:

    the electric furnace heats up the fuel (liquid and gas-like ones like methane) to then burn it. treetap/electric treetap to extract the fuel from the cells. to power the electric furnace i tought maybe have a battery slot that will get used by the machine, but will also get recharged as the machine is working. not sure if this suggestion belongs here or to the suggestion thread, but hope you like it. have a good day