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    Thanks a lot for porting AdvancedSolarPanels to 1.12.2, i know it was just released a few hours ago but here are three of small bugs.

    There are 6 repeated stone slabs with the default cubic texture, but all of them transform into dirt block when placed.

    AdvancedSolarHelmet renders on 3rd person as a black shapeless cube, ultimate hybrid solar helmet renders almost fine, just one pixel line is glitched at the bottom of the helmet

    Quantum Solar Panel can output on the sides only 2048EU/t, which is half the power being generated (i remember this happening also on 1.10.2) so the internal buffer will always fill no matter how much cables and mfsu's you use, but its internal inventory can charge lapotron crystals at 8192EU/t. It should be set to 8192EU/t

    Also a small typo, Molecular Transofrmer tooltip shows power tier 14.

    Thanks again.

    Hello i just registered to say big thanks for porting to 1.12 Advanced Solar Panels and GraviSuite, two of my fav mods in 1.7.10

    Also i tried it right away and i guess i found two bugs:

    -Ultimate Hybrid Solar Helmet doesn't charge armor if you are wearing it but it works in the inventory.

    Molecular Transformer looks semi-transparent from most of sides, here is a pic